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Hullo Hello!

Your probably all familiar with me, or if not - well check out my profile, tis all on there.

I just want to start by saying, I have always been into the journalism side of things, whether it be writing, photography, print or finish (with PR and everything else in between) - When i was in high school I did a community magazine cfor two years which saw 24 issues produced. Several years later or many moons and some would say, I have decided to appoint myself a new creative project of starting up a new online publication (with the hope to go hard copy) eventually. By no means will this publication comepete against Same Same, as I hope the target audience will be more of a mainstream, open to everyone.

With all that said, I am on the hunt for people who scream creative in their personality. People who are wanting to help set this project up, either from the behind the scenes or as a contributor. At this stage we are doing this for the passion, and no doubt the experience. So if you like any of the following positions please let me know:

Editorial Staff (we are also seeking 2ic)
Public Relations/Marketing/Creative team work
Writers/photographers/web masters/graphic designers
Social Ambassadors/social bunnies who want to go to different venues and have a good time while checking new places out. (back of house work will also apply to this)
and im sure over time more opportunities will arise.

Having done a similar venture before, I can say confidently that being apart of this would be a fun, exciting experience offering a great canvas/port folio for your creative work. I have big hopes for this publication, and would really like to enjoy the ride with others.

Please be aware each position will have certain time requirements, and as I do work a full time 9-5 job could vary from evenings - weekend work.

Please see below a brief description on the vision I see for Mod Style:
A free online publication with a modern twist.

In a world that is ever changing, I hope to see Mod Style deliver many things from Feature articles, regular columns, interviews, a vibrant gallery of the latest fashion, trends and 'scene happening's'
Mod Style strives to be a haven for any creative writer, photographer, artist, social bunny or anyone wanting to contribute simply for the passion of creating a port folio of your own work

Rather than replying your interest to this thread, feel free to email me:
[email protected]

Please feel free to raise any questions here. This invitation will be made on a national level through different means of promoting so I expect to get some interest.

I look forward to hearing from you, and hope to get things travelling Ultra Soon.

Editor Nick
Mod Style Mag
[email protected]

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