Image for Australia's largest 'ex-gay' therapy service ends

Australia's largest 'ex-gay'therapy service ends

One of the foremost and longest-running ‘pray the gay away’ therapy programs in Australia will cease operations next month.

Living Waters Australia Director Ron Brookman has broken the news in a letter to his followers.

“Sadly, it is time to wind up the ministry,” he writes. “There is nobody who has been identified, trained, or who is willing to take up leadership… It seems that the Lord is preparing to do something new in bringing healing to the broken.

“One of my concerns as I have faced the pain of closure is that it will look as though those who have vehemently opposed us have prevailed,” he laments.

“The deepest desire of my heart remains: to see the image of God restored in the lives of His people. Wholesome heterosexuality alone reflects God’s image.”

“It will look as though those who have vehemently opposed us have prevailed.”

As news of Living Water’s imminent closure spreads, many in the LGBTI communities will take heart from the fact that there’s now only a small number of ex-gay conversation therapy organisations remaining.

“For the last fifteen years ex-gay ministries have been in decline in this country,” says Anthony Venn-Brown, who has been monitoring their activities for almost two decades.

“Participants in these ‘change is possible’ programs are often emotionally and psychologically damaged,” he points out. “It can take years to work through the trauma, shame and self-loathing. Some have even taken their own lives.

“Living Waters’ closure means that Christian people ‘struggling with unwanted same sex attraction’ will have fewer options and less people will be harmed. But it also means that we have to build bridges to the strugglers to help them reconcile faith and sexuality instead of being told they have to choose one or the other.

“Sadly, for the next twenty years we will no doubt be working with those previously damaged by the out dated message that homosexuality is a sin and God changes gay people to straight.”

The remaining organisations’ days are numbered, he adds. “As the gay Christian movement grows exponentially, the number of LGBTI welcoming, accepting and affirming churches increases annually.

“The vast majority of Australians have an out, proud gay or lesbian brother, sister, niece, nephew, aunt, uncle, parent or grandparent, friend or work colleague. And to hear churches or religious organisations label them as sick, dysfunctional and broken is abhorrent, offensive and ignorant.”

WATCH: Young Sydneysider Ben Gresham was given gay-to-straight ‘conversion therapy’ by his church during his teenage years. See an interview with him about it below.

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Lachness said on the 20th Mar, 2014

I went through a similar program in the Assemblies Of God church. Twice weekly counselling and weekly prayer meetings where I would sit in the middle of a circle and the "elders" would lay on hands and pray for me in the hope of casting out all sorts of demons. Including..... wait for it...... the demon of addiction, because I smoked cigarettes. Never mind the fact it's a perfectly legal activity which unlike drugs or alcohol (which I didn't touch), could not make me aggressive or violent in any way, shape or form.

Turns out the head "counselor" ended leaving his wife of 20 years and four children............... for a man! In retrospect, it all makes perfect sense now as this "counselor" simply knew too much about the nuances and idiosyncrasies of the gay community. Straight men DO NOT take themselves alone to a sex on site venue for nonsexual "research."


TheOldie said on the 20th Mar, 2014

Now lets get the people who ran that into therapy and find out what their problems are.


shireboy said on the 20th Mar, 2014

bugger.... I better hurry up before they close !!


TheOldie said on the 20th Mar, 2014

no way they could pray that much gay away !!!!!!!!!!!!!


coast_boy_21 said on the 20th Mar, 2014

LNP Queensland state parliament speaker Fiona Simpson, in 2002, advised people struggling with homosexuality to contact the "ex-gay" organization Exodus ministry, which she claimed could "cure" homosexuality.

Read more:


LAK85 said on the 22nd Mar, 2014

Damn, where am I going to meet nice people now?!


TheOldie said on the 22nd Mar, 2014

head to a divorced fathers meet up !

thats where an old male boss of mine met his boyf ! and those closet doors came crashing down.

mind you had been suss about from the minute I met him.


Asherbella said on the 22nd Mar, 2014

Aversion therapy never works. You are who you are. You're born gay, you die gay. Simple as that, really.