Image for Gay couple live with traditional marriage minister on SBS's new 'life swap' show

Gay couple live withtraditional marriage ministeron SBS's new 'life swap' show

In September, SBS will air a new documentary series that will test Australian values, with same-sex marriage the first in line to be examined.

Living with the Enemy will see couples united with those who hold opposite viewpoints, to see if each can gain understanding and acceptance of others’ views – or even change some long-held stances.

The first episode in the series will look at marriage equality and will see Melbourne husbands Michael Barnett and Gregory Storer moving in with David, an Anglican minister who does not agree with same-sex marriage.

Check out the promo clip for the show here.

It all looks quite intense in a ‘Wife Swap’ kind of way, with the participants living in each others’ houses so there’s no escaping the tension.

Michael and Gregory legally married in New Zealand earlier in the year and hearing someone disagree with their marriage can be quite upsetting for them.

We look forward to seeing what the episode will be like and if the guys can change David’s mind – we noticed in the clip there’s some footage from Melbourne Pride March earlier this year and noticed this picture in our gallery of all three marching:

David seems to be having a good time, so here’s hoping by the end of the episode he’s changed his view on marriage equality.

There’s six of episodes of Living With the Enemy in total, each exploring a different topic, directly exposing individuals to lifestyles and beliefs that contradict their own, For example, refugees and the integration of Muslims into Australian society are also being looked at.

Ten days is a long time when you’re living with the enemy… find out what happens on Wednesday 3 September at 8:30pm on SBS ONE.

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MrDarc said on the 4th Aug, 2014

No, he doesn't change his mind. In fact, he's using it to soapbox the experience of his brother who is a "reformed homosexual". SBS has happily published many anti gay marriage stances over the past couple of years. They are not our friend, and don't expect this show to achieve anything other than sensationalist TV.