Image for 10-year-old Jaden's letter to Tony Abbott. He wants the whole country to read it.

10-year-old Jaden's letter toTony Abbott. He wants thewhole country to read it.

Here’s a lovely little letter from 10-year-old Jaden urging our Prime Minister to support marriage equality so his mums can wed.

“We are so proud,” says Emily Wood, who is one of Jaden’s two mums.

“He wrote this all on his own accord,” she tells Same Same. “He told me he wants the whole country to read it.”

The letter’s being sent it to the Prime Minister today, “and I hope it gets seen by those who really need to see it.”

Here’s Jaden with his letter:

And here’s what his letter looks like, but we’ve also typed it out below for easy reading:

Jaden’s letter to the Prime Minister in full:

Dear Tony Abbott,

My name is Jaden and I live in Berwick, Victoria, Australia.

I also like to play basketball. I am really good at it.

Anyway this is why I am writing to you because I want to ask if my parents can get married?

It’s because my parents are lesbians and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I’m not sure why you won’t let them get married. But if they did married how would it hurt you? I mean like you wouldn’t even see them and dude your sister is a lesbian! And if you can accept that I’m sure you can let gay and lesbians get married!

Those you don’t even see at all and then your sister can get married as well and as long as everyone’s happy there’s no reason that they can’t get married right!

Thank you for listening and if you let my parents get married then my life and there life would be so much easyer. Because people always listen to the prime minister of Australia!

So if this works maybe when I’m older I and all the other people would vote for you! You would be famous for it and be rich.

No one told me to right this to you I wanted to!

I also get to choose whether being gay or a lesbian was right or wring and I chose right and no one will persuade me to change sides and I mean it.

From Jaden. E

Thank you Mr Prime Minister!

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1953fml said on the 14th Aug, 2014

Out of the mouths of babes..How true Jaden you are a wonderful soul and your Mums are I am sure are very proud of you.