Image for There's no place in Australia for this hate conference

There's no place in Australiafor this hate conference

A stridently anti-gay, anti-abortion network is struggling to find a place to meet in Melbourne this weekend, since its conference venues keep cancelling.

The World Congress of Families conference is organised by a far-right group of speakers who sympathise with Russia’s recent laws against ‘gay propaganda’, and believe all forms of non-heterosexual sex are sinful and gay people should be converted to heterosexuality via Christian therapy.

“The sole purpose of sex is for procreation and an expression of love between husband and wife in the covenant of marriage,” the World Congress of Families believes. “All other sexual activity cannot satisfy the human spirit and leads to remorse, alienation and disease.”

Since it was announced a few weeks ago, the conference has been besieged by drama caused by concerned members of the community who don’t want it to go ahead.

Minister for Employment Eric Abetz was originally on the speakers’ line-up but has pulled out, though the Federal Minister for Social Services Kevin Andrews is still scheduled to give the opening address, and also involved is virulently anti-gay and anti-abortion parliamentary crusaders Bernie Finn, Fred Nile and Cory Bernardi. Victoria’s right wing Attorney-General Robert Clark is also on board.

After two venue changes so far, the Conference is now scheduled to happen at Brunswick’s Aurora Receptions on Saturday 30 August, though Same Same understands that the management of the venue is now considering cancelling the booking.

Several Melbourne protestors have elaborate plans in mind to “welcome” the Conference’s dim-witted speakers, and we look forward to seeing you there.

A protest by the Coalition to Beat Back The Right will begin at 8am on Saturday morning (find details here), the marriage equality crusaders of Equal Love will take over at 11am, and a light-hearted rainbow family-friendly event called the Block Party Against Hate will happen outside the Conference venue from 12:30pm.

The event looks like it’ll be a lot more enjoyable than the bigot gabfest going on inside – there’ll be art and music, and lots of like-minded people celebrating inclusion and diversity.

“Our aim is to have fun, celebrate diversity and choice, and show we won’t be intimidated by hate,” say the organisers. All the details about the event are here on Facebook.

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Panguin said on the 25th Aug, 2014

The Liberal Party has loads and loads of members who identify as LGBT. They constant silence is concerning. Would they stay silent to keep their masters happy?


TheOldie said on the 25th Aug, 2014

yeah right only gays suffer from -

"All other sexual activity cannot satisfy the human spirit and leads to remorse, alienation and disease"

Christians again pfffffffffttttttttt


coast_boy_21 said on the 25th Aug, 2014

Im surprised that Tony Abbott is not attending.


wysi said on the 25th Aug, 2014

But one can argue: Freedom of Speech.

Would you agree to the banning of LGBT conferences/rallies/events in Australia as well, because others find it unacceptable?


bruiser2016 said on the 25th Aug, 2014

It looks like they might end up meeting in a park under a tree, burning effigies of the Teletubbies, Bananas In Pyjamas, Lady Gaga, and all the other things they really, really don't understand at all ...


ability said on the 25th Aug, 2014

<< But one can argue: Freedom of Speech.>> ... They aren't actually being stopped from saying whatever they want ... they are simply being denied venues for commercial reasons. Those venues do not want to be tarnished by having a hate campaign held on their premises ... it's pretty simple really.


MrAsh said on the 26th Aug, 2014

One can also argue they are being discriminated against their religious views which itself is a violation of human rights. Also there are a lot of GLBTIQ and socialist groups who preach hate against those who oppose their views and are no better.


joelamurray said on the 26th Aug, 2014

I am concerned about the hate language Equal Love have been using on their Facebook event - that freedom of speech is only allowed to those who campaign for good. I am not endorsing the views of the World Congress for Families and I think their voices are terribly damaging but I find the language used by Equal Love is equally as disrespectful, ignorant and ideologically contradictory.


silverbullet said on the 26th Aug, 2014

That could be used as an argument against gays too. Say a business which caters to a largely conservative client base may say sorry no pro gay event here it will tarnish our brand and hurt profits .


silverbullet said on the 26th Aug, 2014

I've noticed the same trend over the years, seems a lot of the gay activists are turning into a gay Red Guard, where even other gays who are not "On Board" are vilified and persecuted. Very sad to see, but not surprising, it is human nature.:(


coast_boy_21 said on the 26th Aug, 2014

Is screaming out "fire" in a dark crowded cinema freedom of speech?


Kimmy852 said on the 26th Aug, 2014

Protest is a wrong way of doing stuff not too hate gays but you guys not undertstand that sin is sin but still love them just protesting is what the enimy wants .

Mama Catastrophe

Mama Catastrophe said on the 26th Aug, 2014

So from your comment in the straight guys doing gay porn thread

And your comment from this thread

Mama is predicting you and she are not going to be exchanging hand woven friendship bands.

Matt Akersten

Matt Akersten said on the 29th Aug, 2014

Kevin Andrews has just cancelled, reports The Australian:


aussiemike said on the 29th Aug, 2014

What do you think? Post your comment...


local_warming said on the 2nd Sep, 2014

Thank god. Ministers can't be allowed to attend bullshit events like this. I'm surprised Peta Credlin didn't pull him into line earlier