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Clinton's sweet letter tosoon-to-be-married lesbiancouple

When engaged US lesbian couple Kassie Thornton and Christy Spitzer penned a letter for MTV’s ongoing ‘It Gets Better’ project the last thing either expected to hear from Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton.

But LGBT ally Clinton, who saw the letter and wanted to feature the couple in her campaign announcement video, made contact with them to seek their permission to do so and, several weeks later, received a personalised thank you note.

The couple said: “It’s not every day that you open your mailbox to find a letter of gratitude, love and support from the potential first female president of the United States. We felt so honoured, touched and downright humbled.

“We are blown away that she is a heartfelt supporter of the ‘It Gets Better’ project and is aware how powerful their message is. The organisation does positive things for many young people all over the world.”

Clinton’s lovely note not only thanked them for being a part of her video but also acknowledged the power of the couple’s contribution to the ‘It Gets Better’ project, saying that she was “moved by the courage, strength, and commitment that you share.”

She also congratulated them on their impending nuptials.

42-year-old Spitzer and 34-year-old Thornton will be married next month and have sent Clinton an invitation to their wedding.

They joked: “We hope she can come and celebrate our love and future with us and our loved ones! And we hope that she uses her plus one wisely!”

The couple feature briefly near the end of the Hillary Clinton campaign video below.

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