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Bill Shorten will march at2016 Mardi Gras Parade

Opposition leader Bill Shorten has today confirmed he’ll be marching at the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade on Saturday 5 March.

Shorten’s involvement is the first time the federal leader of a major political party has ever marched at Mardi Gras, and will no doubt increase pressure on Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to also appear at the Parade, which takes place in his electorate of Wentworth.

“It is time to make marriage equality a reality,” the Labor leader emphasises. “If the new Malcolm Turnbull actually did what the old Malcolm Turnbull said we could have marriage equality by Mardi Gras.

Shorten and his family also marched in Melbourne at Pride March Victoria last month.

“I’m delighted to be attending this year’s Mardi Gras with my wife Chloe, our three children, and my Labor Party colleagues to show our support for marriage equality,” announces Shorten.

The opposition leader is also speaking out against the Coalition’s plebiscite plan. “Labor does not want to see taxpayer funds going towards funding nasty and negative ‘no’ campaigns against marriage equality,” Shorten says.

“The time has come for marriage equality, the best way for it to happen is through a free vote in the Parliament.

“If Malcolm Turnbull is too gutless to confront the right of his party Labor will introduce a Bill into Parliament within 100 days of being elected to legalise same sex marriages.

The 2016 Sydney Mardi Gras Parade is happening on Saturday 5 March – see all the details here.*

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Milko the Milkman

Milko the Milkman said on the 12th Feb, 2016

For a long time I wasn't certain where Bill Shorten really stood in the gay marriage debate.
His position is eloquently stated in David Marr's essay and is worthy of repeating:
Quarterly Essay Issue 59 - %u2018Faction Man: Bill Shorten%u2019s Path to Power by David Marr.%u2019
At page 69...
%u2018When I hear people invoking the scriptures to attack blended families like mine, I cannot stay silent. I do not agree.
When I see people hiding behind the Bible to insult and demonise people based on who they love, I cannot stay silent. I do not agree.
When I hear people allege that %u2018God tells them%u2019 that marriage equality is the first step on the road to polygamy and bigamy and bestiality, I cannot stay silent. I do not agree.
These prejudices do not reflect the Christian values I believe in ... I believe in God and I believe in marriage equality under the civil law of the Commonwealth of Australia.%u2019
Hands up anyone who believes they will see Tony Turnbull or Mal Abbott marching in the Mardi Gras Parade!


local_warming said on the 12th Feb, 2016

Bill shorten is a policy dud. His strategy for attaining the Prime ministership at the next election, hinged on convincing the electorate that he wasn't Tony Abbott. Now that policy pitch is no longer required, his entire strategy was a hysterical scare campaign opposing a GST rise. Now that a GST increase has been all but ruled out by Malcolm Turnbull, Shorten has been left floundering, because all his election "strategies" have been disabled. Absolute lemon of a politician.


flounder said on the 12th Feb, 2016

Impact on the parade, zero. Impact on Bills career, zero.


TheOldie said on the 12th Feb, 2016

anything for a vote

didnt like him before this announcement and still dont

agree with LW , a lemon of a politician


zebra23 said on the 12th Feb, 2016

Despite Bill Shorten's uncharismatic appeal, I think he did help force the issue of no increase to the GST (an increase would have done bugger all towards structural budget reform), and he does still have some decent policies up his sleeve, such as changes to negative gearing and superannuation tax breaks.


The_Freak said on the 12th Feb, 2016

Call me a "cynical old Freak", but it seems easier for politicians to say that they back GLBTIQ issues whilst they are in Opposition & then do a whole 360 degree back-flip when they get into power.

Does seem like "point-scoring" doesn't it?

I'd rather see politicians follow through with their promises of GLBTIQ support, whilst they're in Government, and less seeing them march in a parade which is suppose to be a celebration of being GLBTIQ.

We know they can "talk the talk" ... now let's see them "walk the walk" (and not in the parade). :cool: