Image for Christian Lobby leader doesn't want marriage equality - in case people think he's gay

Christian Lobby leader doesn'twant marriage equality - incase people think he's gay

Give the Australian Christian Lobby’s leader Lyle Shelton long enough to speak about marriage equality and he’ll always embarrass himself with the most amazing homophobic nonsense.

Yesterday Australian Equality Party’s Jason Tuazon-McCheyne went head-to-head with Shelton in a debate on the issue with Patricia Karvelas on Sky News. Predicably, the Christian lobbyist angled his argument towards protecting kids from not having their birth parents in their lives. This cut no ice with Tuazon-McCheyne, who’s raising a family with his male partner – and even Shelton accepts that gay and lesbian people can make good parents.

But then the debate took a strange turn, with Shelton making a bizarre admission about what he’s afraid about if our nation’s marriage law is amended.

“I want to ask you Lyle,” said Tuazon-McCheyne, “how does, on this Valentine’s Day, my marriage and my relationship with Adrian of 18 years affect your marriage?”

“Well,” Shelton replied, “if the definition of marriage is changed, it’s no longer assumed that millions of people like myself who are married… that I’m married to a woman. So that affects me straight away! People no longer assume that I’m married to a woman, I’d have to explain myself.”

Yes, at least part of the reason why Shelton doesn’t want same-sex marriage to happen is in case people think he’s gay himself.

The Christian lobbyist seems proud of the televised debate and even tweeted a link to the video below, but we think he’s embarrassed himself yet again. Research suggests that debates like this only increase support for marriage equality, as most Australians reject fear-mongering, loony and offensive statements about our relationships and parenting situations.

Catch the unguarded admission from the leader of the Australian Christian Lobby at 12:30” into the debate below.

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Dissily Mordentroge

Dissily Mordentroge said on the 15th Feb, 2016

How awful for him that would be. On the other hand he might learn from first hand experience the many kinds of blatent and sublte discriminations he'd experience.


mikeybear said on the 15th Feb, 2016

It must be so scary for him. The fear of having his heterosexuality questioned!


Lachness said on the 15th Feb, 2016

"People no longer assume that I%u2019m married to a woman, I%u2019d have to explain myself.%u201D

Welcome to the club! Because I have spent my entire adult life explaining to people why I don't have a female partner, because most people assume I am heterosexual.

Case in point: I met my partner at work. Some of my fellow colleagues knew we had started a relationship. My partner (Mathew) was ill and had been off work for a week or so.

Whilst awaiting handover, a colleague asked how my partner was going. Another colleague interjected; "Why would he know how he is? Lachlan (me) is not gay."

I laughed and said; "So little do you know of me and my private life. I know how Matt is because we are in a relationship."

She looked both horrified and embarrassed! lol.

So there you go. Automatic assumption I was heterosexual.


Lachness said on the 15th Feb, 2016

Post Script: I had to call The Good Guys today because the washer had died, again. The purchase couldn't be found under my last name. I suggested it may be under my partners name. The staff member asked, "What is her name?" I said, "His name is ......" and she apologised.

Ta Da! Another example of automatic assumption I am heterosexual.


Barrin said on the 15th Feb, 2016

I don't want people to think I'm equal to him.


Antarius said on the 15th Feb, 2016

@Lachness - I know what you mean. Most people who learn I'm gay will be incredulous of it - usually thinking I'm joking. Even when I point out my partner of 6 years, they seem skeptical, since I don't "fit the stereotype."


local_warming said on the 15th Feb, 2016

I wish he was gay - I'd take great delight in blocking him on Grindr


TheOldie said on the 15th Feb, 2016

fucking hilarious

and this guy is the Leader ? hahahahahahaaaaaa


slorter said on the 15th Feb, 2016

%u201CAlways remember... Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots.%u201D


pete1000 said on the 20th Feb, 2016

Well yes isn't it always those who protest too much that are actually found out
As they say...It may take time
But it will happen
No names mentioned , of course


A_girl said on the 24th Feb, 2016

Lyle is an evil, hateful human being.