Image for New poll shows Australian support for marriage equality remains strong

New poll shows Australiansupport for marriage equalityremains strong

Australians of all political persuasions increasingly support marriage equality, an Essential Poll released today indicates.

The poll found 64% of those surveyed said “people of the same sex should be allowed to marry”. It’s a 5% increase in support from a similar poll in late 2015.

Breaking the results down by political party preferences, 52% of Coalition supporters were in support of same-sex marriages, as were 74% of Labor voters and a whopping 94% of Greens voters.

The survey was conducted online last month and is based on 1,006 respondents.

See the poll results below and find more info here on the Essential Polls website.

Essential polls have traditionally shown lower results than Newspoll, Ipsos, Galaxy or Crosby/Textor polling, which have support for marriage equality at about or above 70%.

“Do you think the issue of same sex marriage should be decided by Parliament, or should there be a national vote?” the Essential Poll also asked. 66% responded that there should be a national vote, while only 23% said the issue “should be decided by Parliament.”

“The more marriage equality is debated, the more Australians see it as an issue of love, commitment and fairness, and the more support grows,” reacts Australian Marriage Equality lobbyist Rodney Croome.

The Australian Greens have announced they intend to bring on a debate in the Senate of their Marriage Equality Bill this Thursday. While there’s enough votes in the Senate for it to be successful there, it would then fail if it came to a vote in the House of Reps, since the Coalition government is sticking with its plebiscite plan for after the 2016 general election.

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Dissily Mordentroge

Dissily Mordentroge said on the 15th Mar, 2016

That tells us there's something to be said for all us queer folk voting GREEN.