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Sydney takes double silverwareat Purchas Cup

The Sydney Convicts have walked away with all the silverware, winning both the shield and cup at this year’s Purchas Cup held at Woollahra Oval over the weekend.

Highlighting the best in Australiasian Inclusive Rugby, Australian teams Brisbane Hustlers Melbourne Chargers, Sydney Convicts and the New Zealand Falcons took to the pitch and played off against one another.

“It was fantastic to be a part of the first game of the day.” Johnny Heard from Melbourne told SameSame. “I’ve been training for 2 years with the Melbourne Chargers and have played trial matches but have been volunteering with the club rather than playing, so this was the first official match I’d ever played.”

Heard was part of the BAABAAs, a mixture of players from all the teams, and while they didn’t win any games they put in a fantastic effort on the day against the Sydney Convict B’s and the Melbourne Chargers.

‘We were a bit a mix of odds and sods with a bunch of veterans, some really new players as well as everything in between. Getting out on the field was so much fun and we came together really well.

“Everyone had such a good time and it was nice to be part of such a mixed team. It’s a tradition in rugby where people get together and play for sportsmanship and mutual support rather than anything else.”

The NZ Falcons weren’t able to compete in the Bingham Cup in Nashville earlier in the year which saw the 3 Aussie teams compete in the top 4, so this was their first inclusive tournament for 2016.

While the Falcons didn’t win this weekend against the Sydney Convicts A’s or Brisbane Hustler As, they put in a fantastic effort on the field as well as bringing some of their own culture to the competition.

“Look, we got our arses kicked, but we are still salvaging a great day here in Sydney out of that.” Karl Wilshier from the Falcons told us. “No matter the results it has been amazing to come over and has been a worthwhile experience for a lot of guys on the team. We need to have these comps to really give all the guys a sense of what this kind of rugby and this kind of camaraderie means.”

“I love the camaraderie, I’m obsessed with my team.” James Overton from the Convicts told us, “When I started playing one of the guys told me that during rugby season, rugby is your boyfriend and that’s kind of true.”

The Sydney Convicts A’s and B’s competed in the finals winning both heats against Melbourne Chargers B’s 20/0 and the Brisbane Hustlers 33/10. This was their final game for 2016 after a massive year of rugby both abroad and at home.

“We’ve had a lot of end of season matches and so it’s been a long and intense year with a big build up.” Overton added, “This has been my first full season of rugby so it has been a long but good year to start. But now we finally get to have a break”

“And that is bittersweet because as excited as I am to sleep in on a Saturday morning I know in three weeks I’m going to be really bummed out that I don’t get to get up and get the crap beaten out of me on the field.”

“I love playing with my team. If you think about it, you physically put your body in harms way to protect your teammates, and if that’s not love I don’t know what is. That’s what makes a good team a great team, you don’t play for yourself, you play for your brothers and you go out there to play together.”

Congratulations not only to the Sydney Convicts, but to the all the players who took to the field over the weekend in a fantastic display of fun, fitness and sportsmanship.


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