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Phi Phi O’Hara is done withDrag Race!


There were plenty of reveals with the latest episode of RuPauls Drag Race All Stars airing last week.

While the episode gave fans plenty to talk about, contestant Phi Phi O’Hara took to social media announcing she would not be returning for the reunion episode of the show after she had been edited to be the series villain.

“I was so proud of this episode because I finally got to be in the top 2 after being told every week you weren’t good enough,” Phi Phi said on Instagram. “I realized after filming All Stars… place isn’t on this show and in front of a camera where context of a simple thing can be twisted into such a vile way.”

The surprise ending of the most recent episode saw the eliminated queens staring angrily through the mirror at the current contestants, who were debriefed that evening’s runway. However from the way the episode was edited there was only one queen talking out of turn, with Phi Phi bitching about eliminated competitor Alyssa Edwards.”

When this season started O’Hara spoke on camera about how she was concerned about returning to the competition after the way she came off in Season 4, and how hard it was for her to get work after it aired. This season she hoped people would see her for who she really was.

“I really sat back when they called me to be on All Stars and said, this time I am going to show the world the Phi Phi so many people who have met me love and support.”

“I don’t care anymore who sees this, I don’t care anymore if people are mad that I told the truth, I don’t care if people think I am handling this in the wrong way. There is no right way to handle this except stand your grounds and speak up for what is right. I am tired of the hurt, heartache, pain, death threats and threats of violence I have received because a few story producers felt it was okay to go to bed at night cozy with their paychecks from manipulated and twisting the context of my words.”

Phi Phi is still in the competition with 5 queens left, but has taken to social media announcing she will not return for the reunion episode.

“From day 1 in the confessions I told my story producer I will not say X Y and Z because I did that the first time and it got me in trouble. This time I watched myself and they still played and twisted when I am stating facts as I am playing mind games.

“I got in NUMEROUS arguments with her discussing how she would never understand why I am quiet or don’t talk as much as I do because I have to 100% watch what I say because of the grave I dug in season 4. She continued to say I was doing nothing but a disservice to myself by not giving them what they want.”

“Unfortunately for her, my mom raised me that integrity and respect goes a lot farther in life than reaping joy off the misery of others. I am so grateful for the doors that RPDR has opened but I have learned now that “family” is just a word used to sugar coat and mask the demons of the machine. They have made it acceptable and normal for people to be okay breaking me down…that is not love or family.”

Being portrayed this way is bittersweet for Phi Phi after launching a song ‘Play’ last week, under his real name Jaremi Carey.

All Stars was filmed over a year ago, but none of the queens know who has won. Alyssa Edwards confirmed on radio on the weekend that the finale hadn’t yet been filmed when asked about Phi Phi’s comments.

“You can’t control the editing of the show, but you can edit your social media — you’re in control of that. But when people complain about the editing, it’s so irritating because they don’t ever ask you to say something you don’t want to say. The material you give them, that’s what’s going to be seen. But trust the Duchess, it ain’t over yet. Stay tuned, because this next episode is beyond delicious.”

RuPaul responded to O’Hara’s posts with this not-so-cryptic tweet.

Watch Phi Phi on Drag Race All Stars this week when the eliminated queens return and see how the drama unfolds, and if you liked Play, you can preorder Jaremi’s full length album Fever Heart via Itunes here.

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