Image for Volley Campaign Censored Following ACL's Complaint

Volley Campaign CensoredFollowing ACL's Complaint

The Advertising Standards Bureau have sided with Wendy Francis from the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) after she lodged a complaint in January over Dunlop’s recent #Grassroots advertising campaign, which just so happened to feature my partner and I kissing in our knickers.

Wendy slammed the campaign, which was also promoting safe sex, for including “nude people in sexual positions, suggestive poses of naked people, condom-wrapped tennis racquet to promote Volley shoes”.

Despite standing by their campaign and shooting a follow-up for Valentines Day, Volley have been forced to remove the imagery from their website.

“Subsequently, the #Grassroots landing page / links of the ‘Volley’ website including remainder of the #Grassroots images have been permanently removed and we confirm that no #Grassroots images will be redeployed on the ‘Volley’ website,” Volley said in a statement following the ASB’s ruling.

While Francis and the ACL are no doubt chalking the decision up as a win, so should Volley – with Francis’ online tirade bringing the brand far greater exposure than they would’ve enjoyed otherwise.

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