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Aussie Drag Queen Invited OnStage With Adele

Singing superstar Adele surprised one lucky super-fan at her show in Perth this week, inviting Drag Queen and DJ Feminem onto stage for a shared performance of hit single Rumour Has It.

Selfie with @adele #adele #adeleperth #feminem

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“I impersonate you professionally for a job,” Feminem told Adele in front of 65,000 people, before taking to social media following the performance.

“Adele you have sent my world into the most insane tail spin I’ve ever experienced!” She wrote on Facebook.

“As you can imagine I have been absolutely overwhelmed by what happened last night!”

Can you tell I'm happy? @adele you were everything! #adele #adeleperth #feminem

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Condragulations to the wonderful Feminem! What an experience!


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