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Everything You Need To KnowAbout Tonight's Mardi GrasWeather

Don’t bring around a cloud to rain on our parade!

Despite fears of a wet Mardi Gras parade, all signs are now pointing towards today’s glum weather clearing up just in time for kick-off (pardon the football term) at 7.30pm tonight.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology website, today’s rain and thunderstorms in Sydney will ease off by early evening. Similarly Weather Zone’s 48-hour forecast shows the chance of rain declining between 6pm (86% chance) and 9pm (65% chance).

Then we have our good old-fashioned iPhone weather forecast, which has no sign of rain in sight for the night – and even a chance at sunshine for those of you planning recovery sessions tomorrow!

Our advice? Pack an easy-to-carry poncho (umbrellas might be tricky in a big crowd), but prepare to dance!


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