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2017 Mardi Gras Parade HailedA Success

Aside from a few sprinkles here and there, the rain kindly held off last night as an estimated 250,000 colourful spectators took to the streets of Darlinghurst to watch more than 12,000 participants march in the 39th annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade.

Honouring the theme of “Creating Equality”, 185 floats marched down Oxford Street with pride – kicked off, as always, by the positively vibrant Dykes On Bikes – taking roughly four hours to complete the allocated route.

Reflecting on the evening, Mardi Gras CEO Terese Casu said: “The efforts of everyone involved in this year’s Parade helped in creating a sparkling spectacle of self-expression. The passion and enthusiasm of the Parade participants and spectators made for a truly show stopping experience.”

“While we celebrated our wonderfully colourful community, we also had a number of floats dedicated to important issues. Marriage equality, refugees, mental health and the recognition of transgender rights were all represented widely in this year’s Parade, and we were thrilled to have the First Nations people, who worked together with the original 1978 Mardi Gras marchers to begin the Parade.”

Even though there are probably a few people sleeping off nasty hangovers today, there’s little doubt that the fantastic parade capped off a successful two week festival, which saw visitors from around the world flood to Sydney’s rainbow shores.

Congratulations to the team behind Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras for a wonderful parade and festival!

The SBS coverage of the parade will screen nationally tonight.

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