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Coopers Issues Apology AndPledges To Support MarriageEquality

Coopers Brewery has issued an apology for sponsoring an ad about the marriage equality debate.

The ad which was part of a partnership between the Bible Society Australia and Coopers Brewery for a light Coopers beer featured a debate on same-sex marriage between Liberal MPs Tim Wilson (pro-marriage equality) and Andrew Hastie (anti).

The ad garnered widespread backlash from the LGBTIQ community and supporters of marriage equality.

Many called for the boycott of the beer company and bars and venues across Australia said they would not be stocking Coopers beer in the future with some posting videos of them throwing their stocks of Coopers beer in the trash.

In a video Melanie Cooper, the Director of Corporate Affairs and Dr Tim Cooper, the company’s Mangaing Director, issued an apology for aligning themselves with the ad.

Ms Cooper said:

”Our company supports marriage equality. Offence has been taken by our recent involvement, for which we are deeply sorry. We have listened to a range of community views, we acknowledge this feedback and respect everyone’s individual opinions and beliefs.”

Ms Cooper went on to say they would also take the step of joining Marriage Equality Australia.

“We have consequently cancelled the release of our Bible Society commemorative cans and will be taking steps to show further support for our community, including joining Marriage Equality Australia.

“Our company brews great beer that we are passionate about, and we warmly embrace all Australians. Thank you for your time and your continued support.”

Dr Cooper said he the ad had conflicted with the company’s “core values”.

“As a longstanding philanthropic company, Coopers Brewery has been passionate about supporting all aspects of our community, and has actively and financially embraced many different organisations,” he said.

“Our company’s guiding principles have centred around respect for others, and, as such, the recent activity surrounding the video made by the Bible Society has conflicted with our core values.

“Coopers never intended to make light of such an important issue, and would never and did not approve the making or release of the Bible Society video ‘debate’.”

This article was originally published on Gay News Network.


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GrrArgh said on the 15th

In my mind, this is a step backwards for the marriage equality campaign. Instead of supporting the video's goal of an open and respectful discussion about marriage equality, Coopers has essentially been bullied into capitulation. Is this really how we want to win this fight?
Just my opinion.


sugarwalls said on the 16th

Cory Bernardi's comments from 2012 comparing marriage equality to bestiality make perfect sense in 2017 considering the direction many activists are heading.

What do they want? Do they want more? Will they ever be happy? When will they ever stop!

When it comes to such imbeciles there is no conscience nor responsibility... No consideration to hurting innocent workers (GLBTI people do work!) ... No consideration for compensating businesses that are already doing it tough.. Closing down any debate even when it is 50/50 yet demanding that GLBTI issues be heard.

This is not my vision or many within our community when it comes to marriage equality or GLBTI rights in general.

IF you cannot win support purely on merit without the boycotts, bullying, intimidation, threats then perhaps the case for marriage equality is piss weak!