Image for Vau d'vile : elevating the art form of drag to new heights!

Vau d'vile : elevating the artform of drag to new heights!

Hold onto your wigs Melbourne, because a new drag cabaret restaurant has come to town and it’s elevating the art of drag like never before!

Opening earlier this month and promising to bring us drag with a difference, these girls have not disappointed! Brainchild of the legendary Bump Love, we sat down with the Vau d’vile Vixen to find out where the inspiration came from, and what we can expect when we come to dine at Vau d’vile.

“The inspiration came from two places, the love of smoke and mirrors and making beauty out of nothing, which is really the hand book of a drag queen isn’t it, making beauty on a dollar.” she laughed, “And after many many years of running events for other businesses and venues and making them a lot of money, I realised that their focus is on their own venue and it is not so much on the art form of drag, so I started thinking about how I could elevate drag as an art form.”

“The venue is not only owned by drag queens, but everything is designed, handmade and produced all by a team of drag queens. It really accentuates every corner, every facet, and every idea that we have in the venue as it has all come from a team of professional drag entertainers.”

Open Thursday to Saturday in Johnston Street Fitzroy, each night features a different main show as they’ve opened with a journey through the Divas of the Ages on a Thursday, an Australiana Adventure on a Friday and Supergirly Superhero show on a Saturday.

“There are so many things that go into a venue like this. I’ve worked in similar venues in my career so I know the tricks you need to have up your sleeve and the commitment that’s needed, and in order to have the reputation we want to build everyone needed to be committed and work hard. So, when I was looking for the cast I did have to think quite significantly about the level of commitment and professionalism they would bring, but auditioning for them was a whole heap of fun.”

Bumpa herself has over 20 years experience both in New Zealand and Australia as a drag entertainer and she has gather some of Melbourne’s finest to join her at her new cabaret restaurant including Art Simone, Pashion Couture, Sasha Starr, Jemima Handful and Maitre’D Bubbles International.

“Creating and producing the shows and costumes was months in the making, because you need to get it just right. We looked around at what everyone else was doing, not just in Melbourne but around Australia so that we could create shows that would stack up with the best of them.”

“A night at Vau d’vile will be a night of total fun, we are men in frocks after all, but we take our art form seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously!” Love laughed. “Sure, we are gorgeous looking women, but deep down we are just a bunch of rascals.”

“Our opening weeks have been great; the girls have worked so hard with months of rehearsal and that really shows onstage. We worked with a choreographer so we could all learn new tricks and we’ve taken choreography and numbers from around the world so we can embrace different cultures onstage as well.”

“Its not all doof doof party time we want to have a cultural mix, which we have both onstage and behind the scenes. From all corners of Vau d’vile from the kitchen and bar staff to the girls onstage, we want to reflect that rich diversity of culture that you find in Melbourne, and entertain you with performances that will elevate the art form of drag to new heights.”

Vau d’vile is open from Thursdays to Saturdays in Fitzroy, click here for more information or to book a night of fine dining and drag!

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