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Coalition To Lose 40% OfVoters If Marriage EqualityIsn't Addressed

An extensive new poll suggests that not taking action on the ‘issue’ of marriage equality could cost the government the next election.

The Equality Campaign (TEC) today released the results of its latest Reach Tel Poll, revealing that almost 40% of voters in Coalition electorates are likely to abandon the Government at the election if they continue to block a vote for marriage equality in this term of parliament.

“Every one of the Coalition seats surveyed backed Marriage Equality with an average of 61% of the electorates in support of marriage equality and with some as high as 77%,” said Tiernan Brady, Executive Director at The Equality Campaign.

“The clear message is that Australians overwhelmingly back marriage equality, and voters in Liberal & Nationals Party seats want the Government to get on with the job of making equality a reality for every Australian,” added Anna Brown, Co-Chair of Australians for Equality.

“This level of support reflects what the Equality Campaign has been hearing in the dozens of community forums we have been holding over the past month in rural and regional Australia. Marriage equality is an issue in every town and community across the country,” Mr Brady said.

The Poll also revealed that 66% of voters in Coalition seats believe its important the government resolve marriage equality by a vote in the parliament this year, with almost 20% saying this is very important.

“The Polling represents the strongest support for marriage equality we have ever seen in Coalition held seats,” said Alex Greenwich, Co-Chair, Australian Marriage Equality.

“The clear message from these electorates is they want the Coalition Government to deliver a reform that celebrates fairness and equality, and to do so without any further delay.”


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sugarwalls said last Sunday


Seriously the majority of Australians are sick of this marriage equality debate.. Australians could have voted in a plebisite by now but the ALP, Greens and marriage equality activists believe they have the right to speak for all in our community.

As for losing votes I believe it is fair to say that the majority of the GLBTI community vote Labor / Greens so any votes the coalition will lose would be minimal.

Politics is always evolving so those who are betting that a change of government is going to lead to marriage equality are fooling themselves. The ALP will do anything that will get them the largest amount of votes. If that means abandoning their marriage equality policy they will.

You only have to go through the archives of gay and lesbian newspapers to see how long the ALP has been promising marriage equality. There are adverts as early as 2000.. What year are we in now?


wysi said yesterday morning

LoL I wasn't surveyed.


Irene said this morning

I don't know if that's the case - yes, they're more vocal, but I contend that the GLBT community spans all political views in the same ratio of the general public. Sure, there's some women who claim to be gay or bi as it's politically correct (I call them political lesbians), but that's a topic for another discussion.

Now this Reachtel poll - The interpretation of the Australian Marriage Equality seems to stretch the results possibly. While 40% regard the issue as important or very important, that doesn't mean that they would change their vote because of it. There are other issues that these 40% would also regard as important or very important, which may override their feelings about marriage equality - eg: the economy, education, immigration, foreign affairs, health, defence etc.

So I searched the Reachtel site for further details, but can find no reference to it. What questions were asked in the poll? Have AME extrapolated the results? We don't know.

Now labor had the chance to put it through under Gillard, but they didn't. Gillard opposed it. What guarantee that another labor govt would get it through? None.