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Another Gay Execution PlannedIn Iran

Makwan Moloudzadeh, now aged 21, is staring death in the face in Iran. He’s been convicted of raping a 13 year old boy and is being sentenced to death. Only thing is, he was also 13 when the alleged incident took place.

Makwan was arrested on 1 October 2006 in Paveh, in the western province of Kermanshah. He was held in the prison there, where he was interrogated and abused. On 7 June 2007 he was sentenced to death.

The witnesses and the two people who initially pressed charges against him have since withdrawn their claims.

During his trial he always maintained his innocence, and during his incarceration in Paveh he was apparently forced into confessing to having a sexual relationship with a boy in 1999. Afterwards he went on hunger strike to protest against his ill-treatment. Before he was even on trial or convicted of the crime his head was shaven and he was taken through the streets of Paveh on a donkey, so townspeople could throw things at him and hurl abuse.

The treatment of this man is abominable for so many reasons. Even under Iran’s civil code he should have only been looking at 74 lashes as punishment, given that he was a minor at the time of the offence. However, the judge made use of a legal loophole known as “judge’s knowledge” which overrides such laws.

International law strictly prohibits the use of the death penalty against people convicted of crimes committed when they were under the age of 18, however according to Amnesty International Iran has executed at least 24 child offenders since 1990, and at least 78 child offenders are sitting on death row right now.

Makes you realise just how far there is to go in the fight for gay and human rights.

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jackie87 said on the 1st Nov, 2007

I would think we should urge the Govt. to put sanctions on Iran as this continues to happen


taylor-dayne said on the 1st Nov, 2007

it's absolutely outrageous. i cannot even imagine being that oppressed and powerless.

Mr J

Mr J said on the 2nd Nov, 2007

This is why "there are no gays in Iran" ... something has to be done about this country and fast.


taylor-dayne said on the 2nd Nov, 2007

but what?

perhaps we can send in george bush?


Aussiefella45 said on the 2nd Nov, 2007

Perhaps we could send in his mum, Barbara Bush... That would turn me off women 4 ever...

And we think Australia is repressive? Remember we only repealed the witchcraft laws about ten years ago....



chad_74 said on the 3rd Nov, 2007

Isnt it interesting not a murmer from groups like the greens etc.
It seems they pick and choose acording to popularity(even homo hating hicks was favoured ) .
I just hope if Iran gets invaded we dont have the usual gay anti govt mob voicing their opinions on behalf of the whole gay community.


Cobra said on the 3rd Nov, 2007

Well Chad_74, if Iran gets invaded, it will turn out like Iraq and have NOTHING to do with human rights. Do you even have a clue about the extra-judicial murders of gays there?


chad_74 said on the 3rd Nov, 2007

Oh enlightened cobra thanks for your wisdom, Glad you know these things cause no-one else does.Wake up the worlds probleums arnt as simple as you make out.


peterr3445w said on the 3rd Nov, 2007

Chad, until you vote with your feet and join the military, your comments lie in the mud with those obscene old men who send young men to fight their obcessions for them and die.

What on earth did your comments about the greens actually have to do with anything relevent?

Mr J

Mr J said on the 3rd Nov, 2007

We can't actually invade Iran ... it would be as pointless as Iraq. They don't want us there ... the way to try and go about things is put sanctions on these countries and give refugee status to those who want to flee.


jackie87 said on the 3rd Nov, 2007

If you invade Iran, the entire world will fall into nuclear Armageddon.


Aussiefella45 said on the 3rd Nov, 2007

Everything seems to get followed up with some gung ho response like "Bomb the crap outta them". Is the answer to the worlds problems? If Iran was invaded, it would just be another Afghanistan/Iraq/Vietnam. The First Gulf war was awful, despite the claims of the allied Victory. Unless you have been shot at, whilst lying in a tiny scraped out dent in the ground, your friends around you injured and dead, and an enemy trying so hard to kill you with all the fanaticism in the world, you can't know what a bad place war is.

Remember this guy is not just gay, he is a convicted rapist. I'm not defending the country that made the laws, just trying to state the bleeding obvious. Rape is rape. I can tell you that if I was raped, I would want to hang the bastard myself. Wouldn't you? To hang a guy because he is gay? Then I would be up with political santions. To hang a rapist? I would be handing over a good rope. there is far more to this than we are ever going to hear from a sensationalised news report.

I'm over this thread.


peterr3445w said on the 4th Nov, 2007

Who won the Vietnam war? America? Wars solve very little and create many more problems. Iraq is likely to see the accellerated decline of USA in world politics - and that is not necessarily a good thing. Now if some one other than Dumbo was president, then they might be able to retrieve some good will and leadership. If we bomb the crap out of them, then that also gives them the moral right to do the same to us. Destruction begats destruction!


chad_74 said on the 4th Nov, 2007

"Destruction begats destruction"

All i can say we hear all the time about nazi germany.
Bad things happened to people and people did nothing.
Do we really want this type of situation to arise again?
People are persecuted for no real reason around the world and when "america" attempts to step in and do the greater good,they get slammed as war mongers.
During world war two the usa reluctantly entered the war the delay resulted in tens of thousands of casualties, if they had intervened sooner many lives would have been saved The jews/gays etc of the concentration camps would have been saved.

My comments about the greens was theyre vocally anti war when its popular and politically motivated.
As for George Bush being "dumbo" -To have a comment of disagreement fair enough but calling him a childish names begs the question who is sillier?


jackie87 said on the 4th Nov, 2007

All I'm worried about is Iran's growing aggressiveness towards Israel, if their nuclear program gets underway completely they say they "will wipe them off the map"


Aussiefella45 said on the 4th Nov, 2007


Read a book called Äuschwitz and The Allies"by Martin Gilbert. It addresses the delay and how many millions, not thousands of people who could have been saved. I do not advocate war, but I do not advocate for peace either at any cost. this topic is about one guy who raped another guy. Lets try to stay in perspective. If I asked you to go to bali with a bumfull of dope, would you do it? No. And in reality, we have no say about other countries and their laws. Just like the rest of the world cannot understand why we lock people up in Villawood for months and years... Are we wrong? are they? who knows? If people dont like the repressiveness where they live, they get out. its all about choices. And here is a 13 year old boy who had his choice taken away by another 13 year old boy. How bad is that?

anyway, no more... it makes me sad...