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Disney lets boys be fairiestoo

Until now, only female fairies could be created on Disney’s popular kids Pixie Hollow game website. That’s changing – boys can now create their own male winged wonder.

“It was a pleasant surprise this week when Pixie Hollow publicist Sweet Pea announced to the community that it was welcoming a new member,” notes “His name is Slate – and he’s the joint’s first guy.

“Like Peter Pan’s famous blond friend, Slate has talent for tinkering. And if you must know, he’s not a fairy; he’s a ‘sparrow man’. Whatever you say, Slate.”

Giving kids an option of which gender they would like to play the game in now welcomes not only male fairy fans, but also kids who may be questioning their gender role, say culture bloggers.

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Chad676 said on the 30th Apr, 2010

i too am a sparrow man! we are a rare beed


GenesisInVain said on the 30th Apr, 2010

elves, fairies and pixies were once genderless... damn disney


bellsforher said on the 30th Apr, 2010

an old nickname of mine was I'm confused.......


Spooky said on the 30th Apr, 2010

Walt Disney was a switch hitter.