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Dolly Parton loves you

Adored country singer and sometime actress Dolly Parton says she loves and welcomes her gay fans.

The 64-year-old 9 to 5 singer told Larry King that she thinks she’s always been welcomed by the gay community because she accepts them.

“We’re supposed to love each other for who and what we are,” she adds.

“You can’t tell me that people are any way other than what they’re supposed to be. I don’t think gay people are trying to just be different just to make other people miserable. I think people are being who they are, and they should be who they are.

“We should be a little more tolerant and a little more accepting, not just to the gays, but other people, minorities, we just don’t have enough love.”

The country-music legend recently announced on her website that that she has started work on her 41st album, and “she will embark on her long-awaited visit to Australia in the fall!” We can’t wait.

Watch Dolly Parton tell Larry King what her gay fans mean to her below.

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Phazz said on the 26th Nov, 2010

<3 Dolly.

She's beginning to look like Marg Helgenberger from CSI.


Light-Bearer said on the 26th Nov, 2010

Dolly has always loved the gays. I fucking love her so much I want to be reincarnated as her panty liners.


Phazz said on the 26th Nov, 2010


Totka said on the 26th Nov, 2010

I knew she loved me!


camiseta said on the 26th Nov, 2010

^bet she hasn't signed a portrait of herself and mailed it to you. She clearly loves me more! ;)


shazzboy said on the 26th Nov, 2010

I so love Dolly! I actually love her for the movie 'Smokey Mountain Christmas'. Always cheered me up as a kid.


datkindagal said on the 26th Nov, 2010

she invented drag makeup


crazzymikey said on the 26th Nov, 2010

I love love lve her! Can't wait to see her concert! I am ecstatic


JayTee said on the 26th Nov, 2010

"the" gays????

she's a little bit country.....


eurolad said on the 26th Nov, 2010

I say "the gays" all the time
It's a very common expression


jimjazz said on the 30th Nov, 2010

Baby, I'm burning. I'm on fire! Yee Har!!!!!!