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Japan's 1st ever gaypolitician

A Japanese LGBT activist has made history becoming the nation’s first-ever elected openly-gay official.

Taiga Ishikawa (pictured), 36, won a seat in Tokyo’s Toshima Ward Assembly in local elections at the weekend.

In his acceptance speech, he recognised the significance of his win: “I hope my election victory will help our fellows nationwide to have hope for tomorrow, as many of them cannot accept themselves, feel lonely and isolated and even commit suicide,” he said.

“Many LGBTs, or sexual minorities, realize the fact when they are at elementary and junior high schools, many of which are operated by the municipality. As a ward assembly member, I would like to reinforce support to LGBT children at schools.”

Ishikawa has vowed to work towards marriage equality and other measures to improve the lives gay people in his constituency.

In Japan, being gay is still taboo outside the major cities, with many choosing to conceal their orientation and even marrying people of the opposite sex to gain their family and community’s approval.



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Travis de Jonk

Travis de Jonk said on the 28th Apr, 2011

How wonderful! Great news from Japan.


faeriegoddess said on the 29th Apr, 2011

great :) though I strongly doubt he's the first gay politician in Japan. Just the first to come out. Still, huge props to him!


ocha said on the 30th Apr, 2011

Not entirely correct:

A lesbian was elected to the Osaka Prefecture Assembly back in 2003 and came out in 2005.

Otsuji Kanako if you want to look her up. :)


AWOL said on the 30th Apr, 2011

Yes, but he got elected whilst openly gay. Anyway, this guy is insanely cute! And good for him for getting elected.