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Longoria's lesbian sex scene

A new movie about a town without men sees Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria in racy lesbian sex scenes.

Longoria plays the mayor of a Latin American mountain village which loses all its men to a guerilla revolutionary army. She’ll share sultry scenes with co-star Kate del Castillo.

Without Men’s director Gabriela Tagliavini told Fox News: “It was a little difficult as the two girls are both straight so they were very nervous and laughed a lot. But I think that just made it even lovelier.”

Female audiences don’t want to watch porn, she adds. “So it was all very sensual, both are very beautiful women aside from being incredibly funny.”

Take a look at the trailer below…

The film will be released in film festivals around the US from later this month.

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doodle_chaser said on the 18th Jul, 2011

It doesn't look like it's going to win any awards, but it could be entertaining.


Dash80 said on the 18th Jul, 2011

She was in a lesbian movie years ago too - I hope this ones much better..