Image for Jonah Mowry's cry for help

Jonah Mowry's cry for help

An emotional video showing a teenage student’s distress after years of homophobic bullying has prompted hundreds of messages of global concern and support for him.

“You’re loved.” “We support you.” “It gets better.” “Stay strong.” These are just a few of the encouraging comments flooding in for Jonah Mowry.

As word spreads about the video this week, out gay ex-Star Trek actor George Takei and American author Anne Rice – who is the mother of a gay son – have been among several notables urging people to take a look and spread the word.

Jonah’s video message is shown below:

A recent flurry of interest in the video, which was uploaded back in August, prompted Jonah to update concerned viewers this weekend on how he’s doing, and to verify the clip’s authenticity.

“I would just like to say thankyou for everyone’s love and support – it really means a lot,” he says.

Touched by Jonah’s video? You can join the ‘Jonah Mowry we support you’ Facebook page here.

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sneakos said on the 4th Dec, 2011

this just rips my heart out - i have no words :(


Schmoodle said on the 4th Dec, 2011

That made me bawl because it reminded me of how I was at that age. Geeze its such a fucked world. What the fuck is wrong with people. Im so sick of the bullshit gay people or any minority have to go through.


moonbeam said on the 4th Dec, 2011

That made me cry. The world is fucked, people are fuck.
We have a very long fucking way to go...


Bellie said on the 4th Dec, 2011

Very sad. I hope he is strong enough to get through those school years- such a hard time for a lot of people.


josh94 said on the 4th Dec, 2011

this kid is so brave and a little fighter :D

Mama Catastrophe

Mama Catastrophe said on the 4th Dec, 2011

So much pain behind those young eyes. Heart breaking


Reggii-Nator said on the 4th Dec, 2011

Thank you for linking the Facebook support page, I am honoured to of gotten so many people from around the world in one place with the same message " No matter who you are, we all support you "


Lazzarus said on the 4th Dec, 2011

I just wanna give him big cuddle, poor little bugger.

Mat Coulter

Mat Coulter said on the 4th Dec, 2011

I don't have the words to say how wonderful it is that Jonah has the internet to cry out for help and GOD BLESS him for having the courage and the will.

I am 47. I was bullied every single day of my life at school from 6 - 17 years old. I was terrorfied. Even teachers would allow it in front of them. Only one teacher EVER tried to talk to me and his sense of concern faded as quickly as it surfaced and that was in Grade 7.

My father was a self-confessed poofter basher and my mother a bible basher. I had no where to turn and though I had a handful of people I was friendly with at school, I never really knew support.

I survived and have a good life and have known great love and happiness at times, and survived the hurdles and heart aches that we come to expect in life.

I want to share these comments so that ANY person who is being bullied or is losing hope can know, that YOU ARE WORTH 100 of the bullies and there is LIFE beyond the stupidity and hate of the ignorant.

Jonah... and all those that are in pain, CONTINUE to smile knowing you ARE LOVED and you will WIN out.

Mat xxx


munty said on the 4th Dec, 2011

In the 70's 80's 90'S & 2000'S ive been throught the same all those cards joshua held uo i've thought at some point..BE STRONG & "be the best you can be"joshua and the world will amaze you. lol


moonbeam said on the 4th Dec, 2011

What is really fucking sad is that in our society, there is still no effective, 'real' way to help people who are literally crying out for help.
A GP would medicate him, a psych would hospitalize him (for his own protection), his parents may ignore him(because they have no idea what to do), friends avoid him. Anyway he could internalize the problems as 'his'. There is nothing wrong with this boy. There is something wrong with our society.

Who is brave enough to tell this boys parents' that they fucked up? They didn't manage to provide him with the skills to cope or to protect him from this shit? Maybe they didn't show him enough love.
Who is brave enough to tell the school teachers that they fucked up? Their training is ineffectual for the reality they deal with. They are not just teaching, they are the main adult role-models for most kids, they need to have the skills to recognise problems, to deal with them.

NOT just with the victims but with the bullies.

Who is brave enough to confront these bullies parents' and to tell them that they fucked up? They didn't teach their kid compassion or empathy, maybe 'they' bullied their own kid. Maybe they should be held accountable?

No one is brave enough to confront the real causes. That is why people like this boy end up medicated, hospitalized; end up believing there is something wrong with them, they are over-sensitive, they are not as good as anyone else and maybe having a lifetime of pain.

It sucks.


surferman said on the 4th Dec, 2011

Had me in tears as i went through the same crap when i was at school. I still go through it all and i am now 48 . I am a survivor


MrAsh said on the 4th Dec, 2011

I see so much of myself in this guy, I just hope he get's all the help he can and doesn't end up a pathetic mess like I am due to it all.

Nermina Gjeka

Nermina Gjeka said on the 4th Dec, 2011

I am sick and tired of this bullying shit. This has became ridicouls . You just ripped my heart child. Every single State/country etc .. school should listen to a child and DO SOMETHING when this bullying crap is going on. Every single day of my life , I hear a differnet story about Suicide. Mostly ages 10- 21. This HAS to STOP!!!! 4 years ago I lost a family friend . She commited suicide because she didn't feel " loved " and was always bullied. No mater what you are / who you are , the most important people that LOVE you are your parents , sisters , brothers . Please think about them before you do something . They will be MORE HURT to lose there son , sister , brother then you ever were when being bullied. This world is messed up!!!!!


twoten85 said on the 4th Dec, 2011

What a brave little kid, I felt his emotion, his pain and the tears just ran down my face....he does have a million reasons to be here and im glad he hasn't done anything silly


enzyme said on the 4th Dec, 2011

Ok so this video is sad etc but when you stop and think about it, isn't it a bit manipulative? He has put a sound track to tug at the heart strings and its all a bit "feel sorry for me". I know bullying is hideous but this video is thought out and created to illicit a certain response and its working. Perhaps he just wants internet fame and he is certainly getting that. Its certainly not spontaneous, the cards are all written beforehand and then he cries on cue etc . Its just all a bit false. Is he even really gay??

Juanita Plock

Juanita Plock said on the 4th Dec, 2011

It is so wrong for a person to be bullied for any reason but to be bullied for something you can't change is horrific! This young person is to be commended for bringing it to our attention and I will pray that he gets through his school years ith a minimum of trouble. Then when he is a full grown man he can kick some ass!


MayraMM said on the 4th Dec, 2011

Matt, can you please email me. This video started as something painful to watch and grew into an idea that I'm trying to implement. I don't want to get into details yet, but I could use your help, if you care to. Thanks.


thornmallow1 said on the 4th Dec, 2011

Jonah, Even though you don't know who I am email me. Thornmallow1 at yahoo, twitter #ladythorny, live journal thornmallow1 google thornmallow1. We have loads to talk about. Honey, do not kill yourself. That will send the message the the bullies have won. They have not. By having people like Anne Rice, my sister and other people email and talk about you you have opened up an important conversation. Please Please Please email me and even if i dont respond I am still here for you. You are so important within this world Hell Anne Bleeping Rice!! Dude that is Awesome! Wrote about YOU!! Geehs you are a cool kid. Keep it up dude. Keep kicking ass, soon You will be on top of the world. Blessings and Loads of love!


thornmallow1 said on the 4th Dec, 2011

Once upon a time there lived a little girl who was dragged into her school dumpster and who was nearly set on fire. That little girl ran to her mother, told her everything and her mother did nothing. Remember Jonah, you DO have a voice you do have a life, you have been given a gift use it to your advantage. there are 420 species that have Homosexual tendences only one is homophobic. You have no idea of how important you are in the world. If you need anything at all, please email write or call me or anyone else on this list who wants to help you. You are not alone. And by the way, those boys were later expelled! Blessed Be,


Tony57 said on the 4th Dec, 2011

Jonah... You're not the first, nor sadly, the last to endure this torture. I did this in 1974, back when being gay wasn't all that cool. In fact, in Texas, it was more dangerous than for you now. Nonetheless, you seem to be a strong kid that is gonna make it just fine. I'm sorry for all th BS you had to endure, but I'm sure you're gonna make us all proud. I've been with my partner for 29 years now, over half my life. Hang in there, dude. It WILL get better, as long as you stay strong. Thanks for sharing you story... Tony & Wes


moonbeam said on the 4th Dec, 2011

Jonah, I get it because that was how I was treated.
Love and strength to you Brother.


CDWTM said on the 4th Dec, 2011

Jonah, from what I've seen in your video, you are a beautiful young man inside and out. Seek help from adults who care. There are many good adults who will stand up for you and help you. Don't let the bullying go on any longer. It's time to end your fears. I have never met you. I have only seen your video, but I can honestly say I care about you. You deserve nothing less than love and happiness. You are very brave to post your video. That says a lot about your character. You will get through this. You will overcome this and you will go on to have a wonderful life and do many great things. Know that there are people on this planet who care. I am one of them.


dartroyjen said on the 4th Dec, 2011

I have been in your shoes when I was your age.....It did get better....I survived and so will you. Now Im successfull, have more friends than I know what to do with and all those bullies have since appologied or are gay now TOO. Thank you for posting this message....You will help others along the way. With LOVE!!


ultraphunky said on the 4th Dec, 2011

Hey buddy... I use to get picked on all the time and walk home crying.. most people never knew how much I was really hurting in side..
But the reson anyone give's you any pain in your life no matter from words or any pain they do is because they dont care about them self so they want to make there self feel better but hurting other's.. Hun no one in this world is worth hurting your self for.!!!! U are a good looking boy and I bet u are smart.!! If anyone makes fun of u or anything.. its hard but just lauph with them walk off i did it and it worked because they see your not letting them win.!!!:) I hope you are doing great and are meeting lots of new people that will treat u better.:) GOD BLESS.!! and HUG'Z


ultraphunky said on the 4th Dec, 2011

The thing's of this world are here to make us stronger.!:)

samantha byatt

samantha byatt said on the 4th Dec, 2011

People make me sick and I wish nothing but the best for Jonah, he will stay strong I know this and I pray every day for him and others who feel the same, hope they remember that things get better and nothing stays the same,, with love Sami


subhankarzac said on the 4th Dec, 2011

Hate can lead to more.... But I cant help myself....
How can people just stay and not help this innocent soul. :(
I feel hate for bullies and I cant change that to love. I was never bullied myself, But I cant stand any kind of abuse to anyone....
I cant even think that a 14 YEAR OLD KID WOULD LOOSE ALL HOPE!
I cant believe that a bunch of BITCHES can make a KID feel like that!
Its Just heart-breakin.
All I have to say to Jonah is: Stay strong. U r an inspiration to me and an icon for me.
I love you sweetheart! Never Loose hope,.... <3
It WILL get Better! Not tomorrow, But soon...


raineya said on the 4th Dec, 2011

The second video has been removed; I trust he's OK and soldiering on -- I was bullied throughout school (and I'm not gay, but bullies will always find something to hate), but really, it does get better.


Saintan2s said on the 5th Dec, 2011

Jonah... stay strong my friend. You have your entire life ahead of you and obviously people care and appreciate your story. I run a blog on Facebook and one of my followers shared your link with me... I couldn't help but share it with my followers. Your struggles throughout your life present a powerful and touching story... I must thank you for presenting it to us. I have to decided to show your story to my 10 year old daughter to teach her the effects of such behavior and actions toward people such as yourself. Ultimately, I believe that it will help her become a better individual by helping others who find themselves in positions similar to yours. As you stated yourself... you have a million reasons to be here. I hope you realize that people DO care and are willing to help however they can. I include myself in that specific group of people. Much love and respect for you and your struggles and endeavors in your life Jonah, and I wish you the best of luck in your future. :)


ducknroll said on the 5th Dec, 2011

Despair sucks.

Facebook group will be trolled to death.

I find it interesting that everyone just assumes he is gay.

Wow 500K hits in 12 hours, he is so going on Ellen.


Lazzarus said on the 5th Dec, 2011

People assume I'm straight... it's probably the suits and conservative ties I wear.


Light-Bearer said on the 5th Dec, 2011

Yes- but who's thinking of all those straight children out there.

Thanks Mardi Gras


JarrodJ said on the 5th Dec, 2011

I couldn't even begin to hold back tears watching this. Kids really don't understand how bullying really does affect people.


deadposh said on the 5th Dec, 2011

I'm sitting here in front of my pc with tears running down my face, I hope he's getting the support he needs, xxx


Light-Bearer said on the 5th Dec, 2011

Don't you worry your pretty little face

He is.

Next year. Foxtel is planning a huge parade for Telstra.

Word on the street is- it's gonna fix everything


Dougra said on the 5th Dec, 2011

Matt, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Jonah's situation is similar to so many kids in schools around the world.

It doesn't actually matter if he's gay or straight. the fact is that bullies will put a label on a kid and if they're not into fighting the label sticks with them for years. It's the fact that he's being bullied, in the first place, that matters.

Enzyme. Are you happy that your posting makes you look like one of the bullies


meezon04 said on the 5th Dec, 2011

I agree with Enzyme. I didn't cry at all, just thought how good of an actor he is. A slightly overweight kid with cards that were pre-written and put to sobbing music - I mean c'mon, seriously? Can you blame us for being skeptical?

If anything, I hope this gives encouragement to others who are bullied and I applaud him for pulling at people's heartstrings and bringing up the issue.


Light-Bearer said on the 5th Dec, 2011

A response to Jonah. There have been a few, but this one was my favourite



genkij said on the 5th Dec, 2011


Asherbella said on the 5th Dec, 2011

Bullies thrive on power.
Never give your power away to a bully.
It only makes them stronger.
Humour them.
Ignore them.
Kill them with kindness.
Or go and get help.


mark_ said on the 5th Dec, 2011


twoten85 said on the 5th Dec, 2011

WTF... im in shock.. make the world feel sorry for you then pull that shiz and be obnoxious... maybe the attention got to his head... who knows


USMCVET said on the 24th Jan, 2012

Twoten, lots of people made that same mistake. There was a four month period between Jonah's first video and the video your upset over. LOTS of things happened over those four months (including major television appearances on the morning talk shows with his parents). Remember, nothing is EVER as it appears especially on YouTube.