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How to do Rihanna better thanRihanna

These boys found love in a hopeless place! No, we’re not talking about Grindr.

Rihanna fans Dave Lingwood and Duncan Penn loved the video for We Found Love so much, they decided to recreate it – but with a little more humour and a lot more bromance.

The original video showed Ri-Ri as a drug abusing thrill seeker in a relationship that quickly spirals downward into addiction and violence.

Lingwood and Penn’s version is a little tamer, as the boys indulge their sweet teeth…

Take a look:

Here’s the original, which was filmed in Ireland and sparked controversy with its drug use and sexual shenanigans. We think Rihanna has been watching Skins:

Need more? There is even a Thai version… a very faithful recreation starring Prince and his drag queen girlfriend Jenny.

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