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Washington gets marriageequality

Washington has become the seventh state of America to legalise marriage equality, as Governor Chris Gregoire (pictured) has signed the same-sex marriage bill into law.

The law will go into effect on June 7, and has been welcomed by local LGBTI campaigners who see it as another important step towards equality for the state’s gay citizens.

“I’m proud our same-sex couples will no longer be treated as separate but equal,” Gregoire said at the signing ceremony.

Marriage equality opponents are still trying to gather enough signatures to force a referendum on the issue.

Watch footage from the state’s marriage equality debate below as Republican legislator Maureen Walsh shows her support.

“My daughter came out of the closet a couple of years ago. Nothing’s different. She’s still a fabulous human being. And she’s met a person that she loves very much. And some day, my God, I want to throw a wedding for that kid.”

Marriage equality is already legal in New York, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Washington, D.C, but other states, including North Carolina and Minnesota are seeking to formally ban gay marriage.

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phildev said on the 14th Feb, 2012

Now 14% of U.S. states have marriage equality! Hopefully the momentum created will sweep across their country (and ours)!


Asherbella said on the 14th Feb, 2012

Marriage equality in Washington. Love, liberty, freedom and the pursuit of happiness. In the land of free and the home of the brave. Yay!
Marriage equality. Regardless of gender or sexual orientation as an adult human being you can formally share wedding vows and commit to a happy life together as a couple and have that validation in writing with a certificate you can proudly show your friends and family and say 'I'm gay and I'm married. I'm an equal human being and my love is just as deep and abiding as a straight persons' love is....woo hoo!'
Congratulations, Washington.