Image for Google's Valentine surprise

Google's Valentine surprise

Watch Google’s little video for Valentine’s Day today and you’ll see a cute male couple at the end.

Again showing its LGBTI-friendly vibe, Google has featured a same-sex couple – looking very much like they are getting married – as part of its Valentine’s cartoon montage.

And the bespectacled duo on the bottom left look suspiciously like a lesbian couple… but we’re not sure!

Various other couples are shown including a dog and cat, princess and frog, cookie and milk – even an astronaut with his close encounter of the alien kind.

Press play on Google’s Valentine’s Day cartoon – visible today only on’s front page.

Or here it is on YouTube:

Google’s LGBTI-friendly measures include adding a little rainbow ribbon to selected searches during America’s Pride Week, and looking after the medical care of its trans staff plus paying its gay and lesbian employees a little more wages to make up for the higher taxes they pay on their domestic partner’s health benefits.

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