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Adam Lambert is Queen's choice

He catapulted to fame after wowing the judges on American Idol, came out and enjoyed solo fame – now Adam Lambert’s confirmed as the new lead singer for one of the most successful bands of all time.

Queen is now celebrating over 40 years making music, and have recently announced its remaining members will release new tracks featuring the late Freddie Mercury’s vocals. There are even duet demos with Michael Jackson hanging around to be released.

Lambert will join the band on stage at UK rock festival Sonisphere 2012 in July, with Queen’s crew saying he’s a perfect fit for the role.

Guitarist Brian May says Lambert will be a “great interpreter” of Freddie’s songs. “It will be challenging – my God, it will be challenging,” he adds, “but you’ve got to set yourself big hurdles to get over really, that’s what life is about.

“And I’m sure that if Freddie was around, or if he is around, then he’ll appreciate what we’re doing, because its interpreting those songs and those songs should live.”

Lambert reacts: “Freddie Mercury was a hero to me and his voice, his song writing and being gay, the whole package is amazing.

But he was quick to reassure Freddie fans that “I in no way am trying to copy or mimic or replace Freddie or do what he did, that would be insulting to his memory and to the fans that hold him in such high regard. I just am paying tribute.

“I am excited to sing the songs that he wrote and to try to give them some sort of flair that he would appreciate.”

Queen have performed with Lambert twice before – once on the 2009 final of American Idol, and once at the MTV European Music Awards.

The show must go on.

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Lazzarus said on the 23rd Feb, 2012

I still don't like him and it's got nothing to do with the fact he's a fag who wears too much makeup.


Maysie said on the 23rd Feb, 2012

What's not to like???? Adam is an amazing singer and a super lovely, together guy. Roger Taylor and Brian May rave about his singing and they asked him to perform which is a huge honour. Good for him. Lazzarus, he sometimes wears make up and sometimes wears none...he's gorgeous either way. Why do many gay men have a nasty bitchy attitude towards him? He's a really cool person and very talented. Very appreciated among the lesbian community anyways. Your loss.


Lazzarus said on the 23rd Feb, 2012

I can't get past the fourteen layers of mascara and the pretense.

I'm a happy loser.


Maysie said on the 23rd Feb, 2012

Pretense? If u hear him interviewed he is very down to earth and a sweet guy. Many interviewers comment on how nice he is. He does put on a great show when he performs however and that is what makes him amazing to watch and hear. He is a classically trained singer with an exceptional technique and he is worth hearing live for that alone. I went to see him in 2010 with some friends who were not fans of his but they left the concert converted. He is really something special!


Lazzarus said on the 23rd Feb, 2012

He might be special but he isn't great and the distance between special and great is a gap Adam will never be able to leap.


paperrosie said on the 23rd Feb, 2012

I am extremely excited,Queen being my all time favorite band and Adam Lambert,who by the way is a phenominal entertainer/singer. The music should never die. What a fantastic collaboration!


lma82 said on the 23rd Feb, 2012

Lazzarus - you're just a loser - period.


trina2004 said on the 23rd Feb, 2012

Hello 1post wonder. You are soo cool.


mervotron said on the 23rd Feb, 2012

Yeah. I don't like Adam Lambert either. He just seems so fake to me.


Lazzarus said on the 24th Feb, 2012

Tell that to my accountant ;)


Asherbella said on the 25th Feb, 2012

Adam Lambert did an interview with Richard Wilkins on The Today show on Channel 9. Recently. It might be on You Tube if anyone wants to look.


justin858 said on the 28th Feb, 2012

I personally think he without doubt is a good vocalist . just not a fan of the make up.
People, don't be to picky on him