Image for WATCH: Paris Hilton's Drunk Text

WATCH: Paris Hilton's DrunkText

“If you take the word ‘sex’ and mix it with ‘texting’, it’s called ‘sexting’” Paris Hilton informs us today in a leaked new track from techno duo Manufactured Superstars.

Critics are panning it, saying the lyrics are worse than ‘90s Madonna and wondering when Miss Hilton, 31, will grow up. But we must admit the minimalist beats with Paris’s spoken word over it kinda does get into your head and stay there.

Don’t worry – it’s way better than Hilton’s 2006 misfire Stars are Blind, which made it very low on our Bottom 50 – Worst Pop Songs Of All Time list.

“No one is safe in the Twittersphere anymore,” says the rich it-girl in the track. Especially not her today after she dropped this one. “It’s a hot mess of misspelled obscenities, body parts, and run-on questions…”

The video appeared on YouTube earlier today but was rapidly pulled down, with Manufactured Superstars tweeting that noone was supposed to see it. Oops.

You’re sure to hear it playing in your local gay nightclub soon. Don’t believe us? Decide for yourself. Listen to Drunk Text below.

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Lazzarus said on the 24th Feb, 2012

I love white trash with money ;)


Virgindirk said on the 24th Feb, 2012

paris hilton is soooooo 2006


twoten85 said on the 24th Feb, 2012

I don't call that singing....


Irene said on the 24th Feb, 2012

I had to quit after the first 10 secs. Dreadful


Lazzarus said on the 24th Feb, 2012

There is a name for that shit but I'm too much of a lady


Spooky said on the 24th Feb, 2012

Trust me to go against the grain: I fucking love it!!!!
I get the sense that she is sending her self up to some extent.


TheOldie said on the 24th Feb, 2012

not a bad beat

but fuck she is so cliched with every pose/move/pout.

Agree Virgin she is soooooooooooooooo 2006.


Asherbella said on the 24th Feb, 2012

She's the American female version of Shane Warne but with money.
How quaint. Ah, well. She's only human. Or is she?
Ms. Hilton looks like a good feed is in order. Somebody spoon feed her some avacado, yoghurt, cheese and some rye bred through a straw. All blended up in a vitamized smoothie, of course. Just it make it more fashionable and chic for her to suck on. If Paris likes 'sexting' she'd love that. Heaven knows the woman needs something fulfilling in her decadent life.


Spooky said on the 25th Feb, 2012

Who then is Lea Luna?