Image for WATCH: "Mum, I'm gay. Surprise!"

WATCH: "Mum, I'm gay.Surprise!"

This is the moment. Worriedly fiddling with his phone, a young YouTuber sets up a secret camera and plucks up the courage he needs for a conversation which will change his life.

“Finally got the strength to come out to my mom,” says the popular gay American video maker who goes by the name Mallow610.

“I decided to post this so that I could share my experience with you,” he explains. “She [his mum] didn’t know she was being recorded. I put the camera in a tissue box on top of the refrigerator.

“Also, I know I am on my phone the whole time. My phone is my comfort blanket. I literally cannot put it down when I’m anxious.”

We love this video and are not surprised it’s getting a lot of attention worldwide since it was uploaded last week. It’s already up to over 550,000 views.

See how Mallow’s mum reacts to her son coming out below…

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JarrodJ said on the 29th Feb, 2012

How adorable. It also seems like Mum knew before he did!


badtrany said on the 29th Feb, 2012

I live 800ks away from my mum so I had a few drinks and rang her up and told her she said she was so happy for me and it explained why I was allways shy around men and she loved me no matter what.


nickdisco said on the 29th Feb, 2012

I got off my face, and texted my mum from MG are few years ago.

My mum really didn't care her reply was something like ' That's no excuse to not give me grandchildren'


bobbyandmimmi said on the 29th Feb, 2012

Now, that is great, the mom was more confident then the son.
My mum was very cool about it, My friends were even more axcepting, they were all saying "you can be one of the girls, you know in a good way "


moviefan84 said on the 29th Feb, 2012

My mum was very accepting when I told her, in fact she knew a long time ago (apparently she guessed I may have been when I was about ten) and it didn't worry her what so ever. I was so nervous telling her, I was shaking uncontrollably, but I had wished I had told her sooner now I know what the outcome was.


Irene said on the 29th Feb, 2012

I can relate to that mum (not that I have kids) "No one feels they have to come out and announce they're heterosexual".

Now I'm a very late developer (only realised I am lesbian in the last few years). But I'll never tell my mum a) she does't need to know b) she's in her late 80s so no need to risk upsetting her at her age and she won't be here much longer I presume. But I often wonder about her. When she split up from dad about 30 years ago, I encouraged her to find another man. "I have no interest in another man" she said. I wonder if she was trying to tell me something then when she was about the age I am now. But since then, she hasn't had a companion that I know of.


Fezz said on the 29th Feb, 2012

I should have filmed my mum. Would have been hilarious. Shock horror, tears and then insults...


tyson said on the 29th Feb, 2012

Oh gee, it's been ten years since I did the same and it took me straight back there. I started to tear up!

However, the little bugger needs to put that phone DOWN! His beautiful, beautiful mother was being open and gorgeous and the little shit couldn't even be bothered to look her in the eye and be present.


nvek69 said on the 29th Feb, 2012

Things sure have changed since the 1980s...


TheOldie said on the 29th Feb, 2012

hahaha I loved how the Mum already knew. I reckon 99% do anyway. Just the actual being told can be tears for some.


cubbyxface said on the 29th Feb, 2012

his mum sounds so awesome it makes me jelly!


nickd83 said on the 29th Feb, 2012

Mum's are awesome. Just hope mine is as chilled as his when I announce the big news..


Asherbella said on the 29th Feb, 2012

From all the other replies I don't think I want to watch this clip - I never got to tell my Mum I'm gay since she died when I was 15. Too much for me to watch. But I heart this article anyway.