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Here's the scoop – Ben &Jerry's have equality licked

Where Ben & Jerry’s ice cream comes from, same-sex couples can legally marry. Now the company is supporting reforms to allow marriage equality in other places where their frozen treats are enjoyed.

Same-sex marriage in the US state of Vermont started in 2009, and to celebrate, the ice cream company renamed one of its flavours Hubby Hubby – shown below.

Now they’re championing same-sex partnerships again, this time in England. “This March as the UK government debates whether to legalise same sex marriage,” points out Ben & Jerry’s in a statement to its British dessert fans.

“We’ve partnered with gay rights organisation Stonewall to raise awareness about the importance of marriage equality by renaming our Apple Pie flavour Apple-y Ever After in Scoop Shops around the country.”

The flavour is ‘apple pie ice cream with pieces of apple and chunks of rich pie crust’. Yummy! And as B&J say – “everyone deserves to live Apple-y ever after.”

Ben and Jerry’s is also encouraging its UK consumers to write to their MPs in support of marriage equality, and even ‘marry’ people of the same sex via an app on its Facebook page.

Let’s hope the UK succeeds in getting marriage equality and any MPs who vote against it get their just desserts.

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Light-Bearer said on the 16th Mar, 2012

This site is looking more and more like my Facebook everyday. :)


TheOldie said on the 16th Mar, 2012

ugh the flavour -

you’re invited to celebrate the pride-filled occasion with an all naturally fabulous union of Peanut Butter Cookie Dough ice cream, fudge and pretzels.

but the Apple-y one sounds yummo.

Travis de Jonk

Travis de Jonk said on the 16th Mar, 2012

You'd think they'd go with a flavour packed full of fudge. Apple pie is so heterosexual.


TheOldie said on the 16th Mar, 2012

Screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeech :)

I love fudge but I dont think I could bring myself to eat it again. I'd be gagging :)


mervotron said on the 17th Mar, 2012

Better than Boston Cream Pie...


TheOldie said on the 17th Mar, 2012

dont know what yr missing hahahahahahahaaaaaaaa