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Keeping up with… CyndiLauper

We’re big long-term fans of Cyndi Lauper so we’re very pleased to see she’s now been given her own reality TV show, where her True Colours can really shine through.

The singer and long-time LGBT equality advocate, 58, will from next month be in front of the camera exposing her professional and personal life.

Her 12-episode show, titled Cyndi, will air on US cable network WE, and will also star her husband David Thornton and 13-year-old son Declyn.

“Cyndi takes viewers on an all-access journey into the personal and professional life of one of pop culture’s most beloved and influential icons as she juggles her roles as rock star, mother, wife, Broadway composer, and philanthropist,” promises the network.

The singer chose an LGBT equality movement as her charity for her appearance on 2010’s Celebrity Apprentice season, as many of Lauper’s childhood friends, and her older sister, Ellen, are gay.

We can’t wait to see it, but wonder if Cyndi is a little too well-adjusted to be a seriously good reality show star. We shall see!

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