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Coming out crisis in new Kiwifilm

A successful Māori businessman is forced to reveal the lifelong secret that he is gay in an explosive new Kiwi film out on DVD next month.

The film’s blurb sets out the story: “Kawa is the man who has everything. He’s a corporate high-flyer, being groomed to take over his prominent family’s company, properties and legacy. He and his beautiful wife Annabelle have two children – 16-year-old Sebastian and 7-year-old Miranda – who he loves deeply. They live in an elegant house and all appears perfect in their world.

“But Kawa has a secret. He is gay. He always has been. And he’s never shared his secret life with his wife or his family.”

Kawa was written by respected openly gay Māori author Witi Ihimaera, who also wrote the tale Whale Rider, which was later made into one of New Zealand’s most successful films.

In following a married father who comes out of the closet late in life, this new film parallels Ithimaera’s own history – the author kept his sexual identity hidden until he was 40 years old.

Watch the film’s trailer below and preorder the film on DVD here.

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