Image for Obama's graphic highlights LGBT progress

Obama's graphic highlightsLGBT progress

As US President Barack Obama’s campaign to stay in the White House kicks up a notch, his crew is proud to show off his record of progress on LGBT equality.

“Together, we’ve fought for equal rights for LGBT American – and the repeal of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ is just one example of the progress we’ve achieved since President Obama took office,” says his campaign crew.

Allowing transgender Americans to receive true gender passports without surgery, hosting the first-ever White Hosue LGBT reception and lifting the ban on people with HIV/AIDS from entering the United States are among the “three years of progress” on Obama’s LGBT timeline. A section appear below – see the whole timeline here.

As for marriage equality, it remains a divisive issue across the United States, and one which Obama has been traditionally reluctant to comment on. However, the Obama administration recently declared the same-sex union-blocking Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional.

And across the various states, the tide is slowly turning. For instance, marriage equality was signed into law in Maryland this month to take effect on January 1 next year.

Meanwhile, after months of Republican candidates bickering amongst themselves, it seems almost certain Mitt Romney, who opposes same-sex marriage like many of his other party heavyweights, will take on Obama in the general election on November 6.

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rudeboy86 said on the 22nd Apr, 2012

Somehow people think the president is a feminist and actual supported of LGBTQ rights. yes, he is better than his opponents on many issues, but please, get some critical thinking skills and realize this is all about politics not actual activism.


NATEE said on the 23rd Apr, 2012

Yes it is about politics not activism absolutely agree. Now I am not an American so I cannot really say much it is not my place, however Obama still looks like a better choice to stay on as president then Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney is very conservative on a lot of issue very backwards in other words. The USA baffles me at times when it comes to their politics. Thank god I live under the Commonwealth.