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WATCH: A soldier's welcomehome

“Separate but equal is not equal,” says the UK’s Coalition for Equal Marriage, in a campaign heightening with the release of a heart-warming viral video.

There’s currently a consultation happening in England and Wales as the government looks into marriage equality. Since 2004’s Civil partnership Act went through, same-sex couples in the UK can register their relationships and receive many of the same rights as their straight counterparts, but their union is not called a ‘marriage’.

The government’s consultation comes as a result of Prime Minister David Cameron’s announcement in September 2011 that same-sex civil marriage would be legalised by the next general election.

The new viral video’s director Mike Buonaiuto tells “The short film shows British forces returning home to greet their loved ones, with the reunion of one soldier and his partner soon turning into a surprise marriage proposal.

“The film looks to tackle the opposition head on, arguing if all, regardless of sexuality have the right to serve in the British military, risking their lives for our national security, then all should be able celebrate their love and commitment with civil marriage, free from discrimination.”

Watch the video below, and you can find out more about the Coalition for Equal marriage, with the petition “I support the right of two people in love to get married, regardless of gender. It’s only fair,” on the official campaign website here.

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Sep77 said on the 25th Apr, 2012

Oh dear, what if children had seen that?


MrAsh said on the 25th Apr, 2012

I prefer the GetUp one since it's more realistic. This one is too soppy for my taste.


JoJaNa said on the 25th Apr, 2012

You would have to be a Heartless Bastard not to be touched by this Video, It definitely brought a tear to my eye.


MrAsh said on the 25th Apr, 2012

Count me in as a heartless bastard! :D


Barrin said on the 25th Apr, 2012

Well I'm, a heartless bastard. :)
The ring and getting down on one knee are cliches.
Also, the earlier shots are crowd scenes but the last wide shot shows the couple isolated. For the sake of inclusiveness it should be the other way around.


Virgindirk said on the 25th Apr, 2012

Quite touching but simple message.

funny how it got posted on anzac day.

I can see something like this being endorsed by the RSL anytime soon.


NATEE said on the 26th Apr, 2012

I would have to agree on that. This is a bit to soppy. However I can understand why they would go to this length to end marriage discrimination. Showing a side of humanity that we (I should not even use that term 'we' no need for separation) are just as human like any other heterosexual counterpart.

I must admit cute blokes they used.... whoops!! that is the vanity in me lol


jamestohl said on the 26th Apr, 2012

hehe super sweet... that's given my boyfriend an idea :D


fjmac said on the 26th Apr, 2012

Very beautiful...and as it should be; equality


Zepol23 said on the 29th Apr, 2012

nehh....getups was better gotta agree with MrAsh