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Haters gonna hate Lady Gaga inAsia

As her Born This Way Ball’s world tour continues, Lady Gaga arrived in South Korea this week, where her critics have blasted her for promoting homosexuality and promiscuity.

She’s on stage tonight in Seoul, where there are anti-Gaga protest banners outside the stadium:

South Korea’s loftily-titled Alliance for Sound Culture In Sexuality is responsible for the campaign, reports the AFP. The group warns that Gaga is “spreading unhealthy sexual culture” through “lewd lyrics and performances.”

She’s set for worse when she gets to Indonesia, where Muslims say they will not tolerate her risqué outfits and general sexiness.

Her show, which she describes as an electro-metal pop-opera, will hit four cities here in Australia in June and July. See details here.

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iammyexperiment said on the 28th Apr, 2012

mmm. It might be news if the story went something like "LaGaGa arrives in Seoul to universal acclaim. Authorities complain there are not enough gay men to go around.". But stirring up the status quo on sexual mores is kinda her thing. And of course Madonna's before her, & for that matter (still) now.


maksim said on the 28th Apr, 2012

Korea's culture is very closed. Few years ago, Nobody could not talk about homosexuality. But now it is changing slowly. In this concert, some Christian groups oppose is called Devil Lady Gaga. However, the concert was finished successfully. South Korea can be improved still further, I believe.


seaman said on the 28th Apr, 2012

korea is not australia or america.


Virgindirk said on the 28th Apr, 2012

This smells like a well planned publicity stunt.

Surely Gaga and the concert promoters knew about Korea and Indonesia's attitudes towards sex and sexual diversity but instead of being respectfull of the host nations religious beliefs and cultural values by altering some costumes or choreography ( like many touring artists do this when visiting such countries) Gaga is doing the full show regardless of what the local authorties say.

Why?....Pure and simple, it would make the headlines and give the tour some free publicty and help it sell more seats in western countries like Australia.

Madonna did the very same thing back in the early 90's when her Blonde ambition caused alot of contreversy in Rome and the Pope called for the concert to be boycotted. It made worldwide headlines and the tour ended up being one of the biggest and most successful tours of the 90's.

Go figure.


ilbonito said on the 28th Apr, 2012

Oh please, its not as if Korea is that sexless and puritanical:


Dsquare said on the 28th Apr, 2012

Perhaps she needs to wear a dress made out of kimchee.

Not sure how she'd cope with the stench but the Koreans seem to like it.