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WATCH: "Dear 40-Year-Old Me"

Take a look at “Dear 40-year-old me”, a powerful video that sees LGBT students involved with the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance talking to their future selves about the issues they are facing today, and their pride about their involvement in helping to solve them.

While they share their personal experiences, the universal theme rises to the surface, that change is both possible and empowering. We see how the through being involved in organisations such as the Alliance has transformed them from feeling marginalised to being integral in changing policies on both a district and statewide level.

It’s great to see young people standing up and speaking out for change. Too often the younger generation is generalised just as equally as the older generation. It’s through videos such as above and organisations like the Alliance that put the spotlight on those that are often overlooked in the generalisations we make.

What would you say to your 40-year-old self?

And for those already there, what would you say to yourself in twenty years?

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easonc said on the 2nd May, 2012

I have to say SS has been giving me so much courage that makes my don't feel lonely with amazing positive info and that is true i'm more happy since i came here, this country.


ammonite said on the 2nd May, 2012

the statistics ruin it, as does the long advertisement for the group


Martina said on the 18th May, 2012

brillinat, evocatic, revealing and inspiring!