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WATCH: We've changed, get usedto it

The National Geographic channel has presented an in-depth hour-long look into the lives of transgender Americans.

A number of gender diverse people were interviewed for the doco, including Eli Strong, who is transitioning from female to male and has undergone a double mastectomy to gain a male-contoured chest.

“A couple of months after my surgery, I started my testosterone injections,” he explains. “What shocked me the most was how fast things changed.

“In the morning after my first shot, my hands looked different. I walked to the mirror – and my face looked different… it’s like a chemical balance in my brain had shifted and I saw things through different lenses.”

Eli Strong chats about his transition in the clip from the doco American Transgender below.

Meanwhile, a crew from the stunt-loving American tabloid-style show What Would You Do? was keen to assess how transphobic average diners in a restaurant might be.

The show paired a transgender waitress together with a trash-talking actor and filmed the results, keen to check whether any of the real-life diners would defend the eatery employee.

Take a look at the results on the clip below. The actor is way over-the-top… but how will the people around him react?

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