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Out gymnast hopes for Olympics

America’s gay sports fans are hoping this talented young gymnast will make it through to qualify for the London Olympics – and it seems increasingly likely.

The United States has never had an out gay male gymnast participate in the Olympics before, so Josh Dixon (pictured), who tied for wins in new major qualifiers at the weekend, could be the first, reports

The Californian has been training hard as a gymnast since his early teens, and says his sexuality was never secret.

“Dixon said he has not had a single negative response ‘in any way, shape or form’,” notes Outsports’ profile. “If anything, the only homophobia he has encountered has been from within himself. He acknowledges he once felt internal pressure about being a gay man in what some label the ‘gay sport’ of gymnastics. He didn’t want to fall into a stereotype. But he’s come to embrace it, and he says his sexual orientation now makes him stand out more at the elite level.

“While he stands out, he isn’t the only one. Dixon knows of at least three more still competing in college, and he says he is not the only elite-level American gymnast who is gay.”

Dixon still has a couple more qualifiers to do well in next month before he hopes he’ll be one of a handful of US gymnasts picked for London.

Watch Joshua Dixon in action on the pommel horse and high bar below.

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