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Lose weight with homophobia!

A link between homophobia and weight loss?

Last month, the delicious tasting cookie brand Oreo posted an image of a rainbow-layered cookie, accompanied with the word “Pride” in support of Lesbian, Gay Bisexual and Transgender Pride month in the US…

In a matter of hours, the gay cookie generated over 100,000 likes and nearly 20,000 comments, ranging from admiration of the brand for promoting tolerance and love and of course quite a few comments calling for boycotts.

Busybody group One Million Moms wrote in their campaign to boycott not only Oreo but their mother ship brand Kraft.

The group said: “Kraft needs to hear from you. Supporting the homosexual agenda verses remaining neutral in the cultural war is just bad business. If Christians cannot find corporate neutrality with Kraft then they will vote with their pocketbook and support companies that are neutral.”

While overall Oreo’s support of Pride has been well received, YouTuber Franchesca Leigh Ramsey has come out with a important announcement that finds a link between homophobia and weight loss.

This is great… watch below.

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