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Teen actor: "I want you guysto know I'm gay"

On the third anniversary of coming out to his parents, 18-year-old Australian actor Troye Sivan has told the world he’s gay via YouTube.

Sivan played young Wolverine in the 2009 movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine. A casting agent got in touch after seeing a video of him singing at a Telethon in Perth.

He now has a huge fanbase on social media, including over 200,000 followers on Twitter and over 430,000 subscribers on YouTube.

“I want you guys to know that I’m gay,” he announces in his coming out clip.

“I know some people are going to have a problem with this, and I know that this could kind of change everything for me, but it shouldn’t have to. And that’s why I’m making this video.”

“My aim on this channel is to make you guys smile and make you guys laugh,” he adds. “And that’s never going to change. I’m still the same Troy, this is just some new information about Troy.”

He tells his coming out story, opening up about how terrified he was about being gay, how he’d known almost his whole life and kept it secret for a long time.

He also says that watching many other people’s coming out videos on YouTube showed him that “there are gay people out there who are absolutely fine.”

The video’s only been online for a few hours, and it’s already prompted a huge outpouring of support for the young actor.

Take a look at Troye Sivan’s coming out video below.

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meezon04 said on the 8th Aug, 2013

lol. Well who didn't already know this? :D

Good on him.


jonjon48 said on the 8th Aug, 2013

Good onya mate cheers I know how you feel.


cnmcginn said on the 8th Aug, 2013

Onya, Troye! I wish I'd had the courage at 15 to come out to anyone.


Mandala said on the 8th Aug, 2013

How wonderful! I love coming out videos. They encourage other young (and not so young) gay people to feel good about themselves. It also shows that that in this country we're in a much better space than, say, Russians...