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HEAR: Katy Perry's question toAbbott

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott was again forced to address the issue of marriage equality this morning – and the challenge to him on it came from a surprise source.

Pop singer Katy Perry wasted no time probing Abbott on the key issue that politics has been running hot and cold on.

Both of them spoke via telephone to attention-seeking twosome Kyle and Jackie O on 2DayFM this morning.

“Let’s talk about gay marriage! Love is equal!”

Initially Abbott was very pleased to get to speak to Perry, asking her when she was coming to Australia next.

“Ah, c’mon,” replied the singer. “That’s not a political question, let’s talk about gay marriage!”

“Love is equal! Waaaoooh!” she then exclaimed.

Jackie O interjected to clarify things a little. “Mr. Abbott isn’t for gay marriage,” she told the pop star. “It’s one of the things that’s been a bit of a hot topic lately, but not really something he wants to pass.”

Perry seemed to mull that over. “Yeah, well… I love you as a human being but I can’t give you my vote then.”

She added that she’ll be visiting Australia later this year.

Take a listen to Katy Perry and Tony Abbott’s collision on breakfast radio this morning below.

Abbott fielded widespread criticism for his statement on radio yesterday on same-sex marriage. “I’m not someone who wants to see radical change based on the fashion of the moment,” he said on John Laws show.

The ALP’s pro-marriage equality team were quick to highlight how offensive the statement was, and the GetUp! lobby group later tweeted this poignant picture and statement:

Catch up with Abbott’s ‘fashion of the moment’ gaffe from yesterday here.

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Liberalcynic said on the 14th Aug, 2013

I love it when shit like this lines up, anything else this election is just pure gravy.


Barrin said on the 15th Aug, 2013

Her marriage to Russel Brandt lasted 14 months. That hardly makes her an ambassador for the cause.

Johnson waters

Johnson waters said on the 15th Aug, 2013

To Barrin.. At least she had the option to get married!


TheMisterSmith said on the 15th Aug, 2013

Barrin, she didn't end her marriage.. that jackass Russell Brand did. Separate issue altogether from whether same sex marriage should be equal. There should be equal opportunity for love to prosper, endure or end no matter what the gender of its members.


MrAsh said on the 15th Aug, 2013

Do you need marriage for love to be able to prosper, endure and end? And the answer is no.

The point of marriage equality is for same sex relationships to be fully recognised, treated equally and afforded the same entitlements under the law as heterosexual relationships. That's all it's about, marriage isn't some holy grail which transforms peoples lives and betters society. Healthy human relationships do that, regardless whether they are marriages or not.


Barrin said on the 15th Aug, 2013

So much for equality. :)

Little Gay Blog

Little Gay Blog said on the 15th Aug, 2013

Ouch....upstaged by a pop star - and not the brightest one at that. That's gotta hurt :-)


DavoJimbo said on the 15th Aug, 2013

as if Abbott were all that smart? honestly, after learning he was a rhodes scholar and went to oxford, i have to admit that i am no longer impressed by either institution... the standards must be way low if that bozo got through... just saying...


plumage said on the 15th Aug, 2013

I think they all ended up sounding a little stupid there, really.