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Missy Higgins Comes Out as"Not So Straight"

One of Australia’s highest selling female artists, Missy Higgins, has come out as being “not so straight”.

Responding to a recent question from a lesbian magazine if she fitted their strapline of “not so straight girls” Higgins replied, “Um, yeah, definitely….I think a lot of people fall under that broad umbrella term.”

Rumours about Higgins’ sexuality have been swirling ever since her debut album The Sound of White brought her to national prominence. It spent 7 weeks at the top of the ARIA charts and went Platinum nine times over.

Higgins has always been coy about her sexuality, telling the Brisbane times in June this year: “I think it’s probably natural because I’m not a girly girl. I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy. I’ve said a few risque comments in interviews about bisexuality. People are going to speculate about people’s personal lives – the more successful they get, the more they want to know. It comes with the territory, I’ve just got to take it.”

When asked back in June if she was bisexual, her answer was pretty straight-forward. “You’re not going to get it out of me!” she exclaimed. “I don’t ever want to talk about anything like that, because it’s really no one’s business. I know [everyone] thinks that it is, and that’s all very well. I kind of expect it these days … it’s reasonable to want to know the general life structure of a person whose music you’re listening to. But I think when an artist expresses their desire for privacy on certain matters, it should be respected.”

The news today has been plastered on the front page of Sydney’s Sunday Telegraph, while international gossip blogger Perez Hiltion has welcomed Missy “to the gaybourhood”

The 24 year-old told the lesbian magazine that sexuality was “a fluid thing….I don’t think it’s necessary to have to define yourself by any label. If you’re comfortable with who you are and you know who you are on the inside, people will love you for it.’‘

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Mr J

Mr J said on the 18th Nov, 2007

to true! And really she shouldn't have to disclose her sexuality.


dreadcircus said on the 18th Nov, 2007

Well the worst kept secret is out.. Missy shoots str8 from the hip with her songs, was always evident.. I love her honesty as the questions that come sometimes regarding gender and sexuality can be quite intrusive. This will obly stengthen her career :)


sarahanne said on the 18th Nov, 2007

Was wondering when this was going to happen I think her outfit at the ARIAs was the first stepping stone in coming out...


sarahanne said on the 18th Nov, 2007

I wonder if she will start releasing decent records now?


Leggey said on the 18th Nov, 2007

she's very folky, plain and she sings bare foot. She has to be a lesbian.


velvety said on the 19th Nov, 2007

Im with Sarahanne, i was wondering when she would finally come out! Can't say im surpised, she had my gaydar going off right from the start.....Go Missy!


bridgeydidge said on the 19th Nov, 2007

of course she's bent, she went to school in Geelong.....


tuffmuff said on the 20th Nov, 2007

We all know that sexuality is fluid.


libby said on the 20th Nov, 2007

it's hardly a revelation for anyone (except maybe John Howard) to talk about sexuality in that way. I thought it came across as a PR stunt for the new mag to get coverage in mainstream tabloids ;)


nansella_bowie77 said on the 27th Nov, 2007

knew she was one from the start of her popularity.....good on ya girl for clarifying that.... As if it was any-one's business in the first place