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R.I.P. Zoe Belle

Today I was saddened to hear the news that long time transgender activist, volunteer for Midsumma Festival and all round beautiful soul Zoe Belle had taken her life only days before the Midsumma Festival, which she has been an integral part of for many years.

Friends, family and staff of ALSO, Midsumma and Gasworks are in shock, as are many others after hearing the devastating news. Zoe had played a huge role in this year’s Midsumma, much like many other years, and was the co-ordinator of the Transdestinations program, which has bought so much joy through expression over the years.

“Today, we lost a dear friend and a soldier for our GLBTI community,” says General manager of Midsumma, Jarrod Hughes. “As a volunteer with us for many years Zoe has become an integral part of our Midsumma family. Her contribution is particularly extraordinary this year and has been instrumental in developing what will be the most significant transgender program Midsumma has ever presented.”

During 2007 I had the pleasure of working alongside Zoe in co-ordinating my band’s forthcoming tour of Melbourne for Midsumma 08. We spent countless hours working together on booking venues. Her creative flair and tireless efforts to help myself and my band create this Midsumma tour was amazing, and I was really looking forward to enjoying a bottle of wine over dinner with her.

Zoe has been an inspiration to many transgender people. Her voice reached many ears and hearts and without her the transgender community in Melbourne would not be as thriving and vibrant as it is today. To be honest I am devastated that I won’t get the chance to thank her personally, and have now decided to dedicate our entire tour to the memory and spirit of Zoe Belle, for she will be sorely missed.

Gasworks director Crusader Hillis, who has worked closely with Zoe during the Midsumma organisation period, said: “She was very talented, highly skilled and made an incredible impact on people here. This absolutely underscores the day-to-day struggle that many transgender people have and the lack of support out there.”

Since the news of her passing has circulated the GLBTI community, many have paid their respects including Lyn Morgain, CEO of the ALSO foundation. “This is a terrible loss for our community, Zoe was an inspirational and talented figure – her courage, spirit and artistic flair will continue to benefit our community well beyond her passing.”

It is safe to say that anybody who had the pleasure of dealing with Zoe over the years send their thoughts and good wishes to her many friends and family at such a sad and difficult time.

R.I.P Zoe.

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Christian Taylor

Christian Taylor said on the 17th Jan, 2008

this is tremendously sad news jade and just goes to show how long the road ahead is. our thoughts go out to all who loved and knew her.


nixwilliams said on the 19th Jan, 2008

thank you for talking about this, jade, and also for dedicating a song to her in your set yesterday. i thought that was a really lovely gesture. (also, thanks for signing my cd)


Katie1 said on the 23rd Jan, 2008

Knowing Zoe, has been an absolute delight . Her courage and her strength are to be admired.

Zoe To Know You Was To love You"

From Sharon, Andrea & your friends @ SHEBAR


gandolf69 said on the 28th Jan, 2008

I'm just reading this information now but even though i didnt know this lady any young person dying is heartbreaking i feel