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Daniel Johns And Those GayRumours

Paul Mac has spoken out about those Daniel Johns gay rumours, calling them “bullshit” and “distressing”. Fairfax reports that the Silverchair singer “went through hell” after breaking up with former wife Natalie Imbruglia and the magazine gossip didn’t help.

“[Rumours that we were lovers were] distressing, the fact that your best friend’s going through a really tough time and there’s all these bullshit stories in magazines that don’t take into account the feelings of either person…” said Paul Mac. “Particularly for him because it was a pretty horrible time,” Mac told Fairfax.

“It was more upsetting the fact that [magazine journalists] do that, and people read that, and people probably believe that, so that was the more distressing thing. Yeah, I mean… what do you do? I just try and put as little energy into that kind of bullshit as I can.”

The breakup between Johns and Imbruglia was splashed across the papers earlier this year. While rumours of why they split abounded, the divorce has been put down to the pressures of having a long distance relationship.

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jasn_REMOVED said on the 31st Mar, 2008

lol, sounds a bit overly sensitive to me


gayogler said on the 31st Mar, 2008

You can understand the gay rumors Daniel looked pretty hot in some of the recent photos I had seen.


hazyinseptember said on the 31st Mar, 2008

there were rumors well before daniel married or even met paul mac.. some people in the sydney sauna scene swear by them... ( shrug )


drewboi-78 said on the 31st Mar, 2008

the lady doth protest too much, methinks


Erin-Rose said on the 1st Apr, 2008

Many such highly creative, sensitive people are very open-minded and often swing both ways... It's his biz really. But if he was ever to swing my way, I wouldn't object too much! :-)


jimjazz said on the 2nd Apr, 2008

why is it so distressing? if its all such utter nonsense, then as drewboi-78 notes, why worry? surely, the speculation would be better laughed off as a media long bow rather than getting all defensive and precious.


caloanwalker said on the 5th Apr, 2008

I've always got a bit of a vibe about Daniel Johns, even when I discovered Silverchair at the age of 11 or 12 years old. Still, as it's been said, it's his business. I get a vibe from a lot of celebrities, and most of the times I'm right, still I don't like speculations, as I've had people speculating about me all my life. If Daniel is gay he'll come out sooner or later, I'd rather think of him more as a very nice singer, especially since I'm committed to a great guy, I'm very happy with him and even if I were single, the odds of me meeting Daniel are rather scarce.