Image for Ruby Rose Steams Up The Big Screen

Ruby Rose Steams Up The BigScreen

Things keep looking up for MTV host Ruby Rose! She’s just landed a leading role in an Aussie comedy film called Suite For Fleur.

Rose found herself in the tabloids earlier this year after pashing Jess from The Veronicas, which led to her speaking proudly about being a lesbian.

“I’m sick of seeing myself in the paper and I’m sure everyone else is sick of seeing me as well,” Ruby told the Daily Telegraph back in March. “Hopefully this whole Jess thing will kind of fizzle out. I also want to go back in (the papers) again in about three weeks and actually just promote my job because I love (it). So it’s kind of annoying that it overshadows what I’m here for.”

According to, it’s those proud words that landed her the job.

“She got the role because of her looks and her brave stance on her sexuality,” filmmaker Ron Brown said to

The role is definitely close to home – she plays a character also named Ruby who is described as a “hot chick”, who attempts to seduce the film’s lead character Fleur at a bar.

“Ruby is still evolving throughout auditions. One minute she’s funny, the next a complete moll,” says Rose.

The movie also features Cameron Daddo of Models Inc. fame, as well as Rose Tattoo’s Angry Anderson. Filming starts in September.

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Anthony Mahera

Anthony Mahera said on the 27th Jun, 2008

I love this chick..............she is incredibly sexy. Good luck babe, hope it all worx out for ya!


brodes13 said on the 27th Jun, 2008

I love Ruby too...

she is a fox!

Travis de Jonk

Travis de Jonk said on the 27th Jun, 2008

GRRR... I agree. I would totally turn for her!


GenesisInVain said on the 28th Jun, 2008

ruby is defintiely a fierce chick!