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Sleaze Ball Headliners Leaked

Since the announcement of the theme of this year’s Sleaze Ball – The Villain’s Lair – tongues are already wagging about who’ll be headlining the party.

Same Same has heard rumblings that the headliners for the Hordern Pavillion will be Irish-Australian house/electro group The Potbelleez and the legendary DJ Alan Thompson.

Those of you who were lucky enough to catch The Potbelleez’s performance at Mardi Gras party will remember how much they rocked the house. No doubt they’ll rock it once more.

And Alan Thompson needs no introduction! Maybe you know him from his work on last year’s Ministry Of Sound Housexy release? Perhaps it’s from his slick sets at DTPM at Tank? Or from his dirty, hot beats at Action? Maybe it’s from the countless other gigs he’s played around Australia… and the world for matter. We look forward to hearing him play at Sleaze. We’ve been told that he’s been asked to keep it dark and sexy.

Sleaze – The Villain’s Lair – is on at Entertainment Quarter, Saturday October 4. Ticket price and further line up announcements to come. Stay tuned to Same Same for updates.

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honey-prawns said on the 16th Jul, 2008

personally not that excited about the potbelleez but very excited about sleaze, now better get back to thinking about what to wear


GenesisInVain said on the 17th Jul, 2008

The villain's lari soudns o inviting. i have already geared up my uncle for this!


GenesisInVain said on the 17th Jul, 2008

The villain's lair soudns so inviting. i have already geared up my uncle for this! **spelling errors corrected


Braxn said on the 17th Jul, 2008

As long as there is a trance DJ to follow Alan. Dont want to be listening to electro and house all night (yawn).


mattsyd said on the 21st Jul, 2008

i think anyone who was in the club at mardi gra hearing them play would be excited! they were fucking amazing!


natejd87 said on the 24th Jul, 2008

I was at Mardi Gras.. But when did Potbelleez play???


brodes13 said on the 24th Jul, 2008

I think the potbelleez made my night in the Forum :)

they were def a highlight for me too :)

I liked the smaller crowd that experienced the more intimate atmosphere from the forum it was more atmospheric - and more personal.

I hope they can inject that much life into a venue as big as the horden... But I am going to be a bit of a cynic and suggest that they may not be able to - but we shall see! I hope they can :)


mattsyd said on the 31st Jul, 2008

yeah it was such a good vibe in there! the music was so funky and the crowd were going nuts! smaller venue helped for sure, dunno what they would be like in the horden but yeah they definatly made my night!