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Surf Camp Is Coming

You only need to look outside to get excited that Summer is on its way here in Australia – and this Summer we’re hitting the beaches with a brand spanking new online TV show. Welcome to Surf Camp!

Surf Camp will be rolling out over Summer on Same Same with a new episode every few weeks. The premise is simple: we follow 5 gay boys as they learn to surf for the very first time.

But the outcome of the show is in your hands. After viewing each 5-minute episode of Surf Camp, you’re invited to come back to Same Same and vote for your favourite boy. At the end of Summer, we’ll be left with the ultimate Surf Camper.

Over the coming weeks you’ll meet the five boys – Jesse, Brennan, Ryan, Ben and Josh – the surf instructor Raf and Surf Camp host Shane Jenek. Surf Camp is brought to you by Same Same and filmmaker extraordinaire Vincent Rommelaere. Check out more photos by Morgan Carpenter of Surf Camp by clicking on “Show All Photos” on the right hand side.

Check out a teaser of all the thrills and spills of Surf Camp.

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dreadcircus said on the 13th Nov, 2008

I can't wait for this. I'm almost as excited as Tim was the day he auditioned the boys. I did say almost! LOL


ToraHymen said on the 13th Nov, 2008

BRILLIANT! I have always wanted to learn how to surf. Cant wait!


lukehuggett said on the 13th Nov, 2008

if you need an editor, let me know!


weathervain said on the 13th Nov, 2008

Yikes the music- petshop boys has it's place but not at the beach

I will be watching Ryan mmmm

Cameron M

Cameron M said on the 13th Nov, 2008

this is going to be so good!!! :D:D:D


vincentfromfr said on the 13th Nov, 2008

It's not the pet shop boys.


weathervain said on the 13th Nov, 2008

Whatever it is it's abhorrent to listen to when looking at surfing, and the ocean.

I hope I don't get some horrid wicked ass form of aphasia and hear it in my head next time I go to the beach

Christian Taylor

Christian Taylor said on the 13th Nov, 2008

maybe you can watch it with the sound down weathervain? :)


weathervain said on the 13th Nov, 2008

But then I don't get to hear Ryan, you can see where I'm vexed


inbound said on the 13th Nov, 2008

hahahaahh looks awesome... great idea. I like the guy getting hit with the board at the end... HA!


hazyinseptember said on the 13th Nov, 2008

hahah.. im not quite convinced.. but who knows.. and btw i know about 3 or 4 gay guys that surf.. :)


jackie87 said on the 13th Nov, 2008

Bring on the Bra Boys...


marly said on the 14th Nov, 2008

I surf but I dont enjoy it so much in sydney as its very crowded. Been surfing for 12 years now.


daev said on the 14th Nov, 2008

this looks totally cool - can't wait :)


timbo84 said on the 14th Nov, 2008

Perhaps I should watch in the hope of learning to surf before I get to Byron Bay for Blues and Roots next year?!!


marly said on the 14th Nov, 2008

I learnt on a mini mal which was good and took about a month of going every day till I stood up for any length of time. Once you have the balance its like riding a bike. However like any skill/sport there are plateaus that you reach that are difficult to break through and learning maneuvers is very difficult and takes years and years. Its good when youre learning cause you have that beginners mind where youre really determined.
The surfing scene in sydney is very crowded and aggressive and extremely difficult for learners to break into. It can be very intimidating out there with so many good surfers competing for waves and so if youre learning you dont get many at all. You really have to try to fake it to make it at first but its not hard to tell a 'kook' as they usually look very out of control. I found that if you pull off a wave cause youre too scared then the other guys take it as sign that your crap and wasting waves and they dont let you in after that. Its really important that you watch the surf and if you feel any doubt about the size etc then you shouldnt go out. After a couple of years I began to be able to read the waves and got a lot better. I much prefer to get out of sydney up the coast where you can find less crowded waves. The surfers outside of sydney are more laid back and friendly also and will usually let you in as long as you take the wave. Id love to hook up with some other gay surfers but I havent met any yet.


Chancethegardener said on the 14th Nov, 2008

The mini mal is a corker to learn on!


dreadcircus said on the 14th Nov, 2008

Yeh I also surfed for around 10 years Marly. Used to surf every weekend back in Victoria. Ahh I actually miss driving down to Walkerville in my panelvan to camp and hit the surf. I actually stopped after we were out back one day and spotted 3 sharks very close by. On paddling back i freaked and ended up in rocks and really freaked out and in my haste to get back to shore I cut my foot open on a sharp rock. I have never been surfing again :(


zebra-stripes said on the 14th Nov, 2008

The film clip was set on the beach!


kaypea2007 said on the 17th Nov, 2008

Any opportunity to watch hot men surf [whether gay or straight] has sold me! :) xx


darryle said on the 17th Nov, 2008

i will be good to see them in speedos and to show what they have gotin there package


copystopstart said on the 18th Nov, 2008

Hot AND hilarious? Love it


biohazurdus said on the 24th Nov, 2008

I started to learn to surf when I first got here but had to stop when Uni got busy. Does anyone know if there are any gay friendly surfing clubs in Sydney?

Travis de Jonk

Travis de Jonk said on the 25th Nov, 2008

Not many people know that I can surf... and Wind Surf too. I'm outta practice these days, but I still love the water. Great initiative Same Same!!