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We all remember when John Laws – the man sometimes known as Golden Tonsils – refered to Queer Eye’s Carson Kressley as “a pillow biter” and a “pompous little pansy prig” back in 2004. It was headline news. In an effort to fight the inflammtory comments head on, gay rights activist Gary Burns felt compelled to take the matter to court. However the complaint was today thrown out of court by the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal.

Laws said his comments were supposed to be funny and tongue-in-cheek, although when you read the transcript it’s little more than a vicious diatribe, an edict of masculinity according to the talking Brillo pad.

Some highlights include, “it’s not often that I get really worried about this country, but I tell you what, I had a sleepless night last night… Who is this pompous little pansy prig who’s strutting around everywhere yesterday, telling Australian blokes how to wear their pocket square? As he called it. That’s poof speak for handkerchief … Who is he? He might be famous in certain circles, circles being the operative word, we know where they are.” Oh that’s right – circle jerks. Very tongue in cheek. Very funny.

He went on to say that Carson had no right to judge the appearance of girls. “What the hell does a pillow biter know about judging girls? They should have had a few truckies down there, or me… Fair-dinkum Aussie blokes judging fair-dinkum Aussie girls. Not this pompous little pansy.” That’s right – truckies should judge ladies fashion, because it’s about choosing the girl on the catwalk with the ‘biggest headlights’, or the one ‘you’d most like to pork’.

He reminisced about the Australia of long ago, touching on it once being “a land of proud, dedicated women and hard-drinking and hard-talking men,” saying that the sudden proliferation of pansies concerned him. “It’s a major issue. It’s all very good and well that Australia tolerates people with varied sexual leanings but I don’t know why we should be celebrating it.”

Free speech is one thing, and by all means Carson Kressley is hardly everyone’s cup of tea, but the comments certainly stepped beyond the realm of humour and well into other territory.

Needless to say Gary Burns was disappointed about the ruling, but felt that it was important that we stood up against bullies. “I didn’t win on this occasion, but I will continue in my mission to dissuade hate in society.”

Spokespeople for Laws said that it was the result they “had hoped for, and what we were confident [they] would get.”

What do you think? Did John Laws overstep the mark? Have your say in our forums.

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meezon04 said on the 2nd Mar, 2007

i knew he was in trouble at one stage, but i didn't realise what he had said. I'm amazed he could get away with saying 'you'd most like to pork' on air! Most people would realise he wasn't talking about the $5.99 special at the market butchery.


andygisby said on the 2nd Mar, 2007

Gary Burns deserves a massive thank you on behalf of every queer person in our community. He has selflessly taken on the job of fighting this issue for over two years now. I for one, thank you Gary, I wish there were more like you in our corner.

Brett Hayhoe

Brett Hayhoe said on the 4th Mar, 2007

I have it on good authority [from mutual friends] that he is not a homophobe. Having said that though, I don't think a shock jock needs to stoop to denegrading members of our community for ratings sake - surely there are better topics to choose from.


jasn_REMOVED said on the 4th Mar, 2007

Nah, he *is* funny. How else would you explain this darkly satirical gem: "They should have had a few truckies down there, or me… Fair-dinkum Aussie blokes judging fair-dinkum Aussie girls".


jackie87 said on the 12th Mar, 2007

I don't listen to talkback and it gives me good reason to say that he has a wide influence on a lot of suburban types and only has negative affect on our community, his attacks on Alan Jones on Enough Rope had also a lot of homophobic rhetoric.


datkindagal said on the 1st Mar, 2009

that fuckhead used to come into my cafe, I should of put rat sac in his pasta.

Poetic Amy

Poetic Amy said on the 3rd Mar, 2009

He simply hasn't moved with the times. Quite sad, really.