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Ian Thorpe: I'm Not Gay


Ending years of speculation, Ian Thorpe is now out as gay, telling Sir Michael Parkinson in an interview broadcast on Sunday 13 July that “I’ve thought about this for a long time. I’m not straight.” Read our story here.

In his most revealing interview ever, the notoriously private Ian Thorpe has finally opened up about his personal life and the constant speculation over his sexuality.

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Speaking to the Australian Good Weekend magazine, Thorpe today revealed why the talk originally started. “I became a gay icon when I was 15,” he said, “which was a little bit weird. When I was 17, everyone had started that speculation about me, though I didn’t hear about most of it.”

“I don’t have a problem with being a gay icon,” he continued, “it’s not a big deal to me. But I think the gay speculation, along with when I was accused of taking drugs in 2000, was an attempt to pull me down from the top. Some people think it’s an insult to say, ‘Oh I think he’s gay’, but I don’t take it that way. I’m not gay. I’m lucky that within myself I don’t care enough to get worried or upset over it.”

The Good Weekend journalist, Janet Hawley, put the million dollar question to Thorpie: if he were gay, would he be comfortable coming out and saying so? “I have no idea, because I’m not gay,” he responded. “I don’t think anyone should have to be asked that question. You don’t have to come out and declare you’re straight. It shouldn’t be a big deal today, but people still get hang-ups over it.”

The main reason most people have labelled Thrope as gay are his not-so-typical traits, from designing pearl necklaces to taking care of his appearance. But that’s nothing, says Thorpe. “Guys are just guys, girls are just girls, all of us are different. Some guys are more in touch with their feminine side, interested in design and quirky things, some are blokey blokes.”

And there you have it, straight from the swimmer’s mouth: Ian Thorpe is not gay, ok?

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jackie87 said on the 24th Mar, 2007

He's not gay? And I am black...


hazyinseptember said on the 24th Mar, 2007

He's SO NOT A GAY ICON.. who feeds him this shit?!?


kylierose said on the 24th Mar, 2007

madonna, olivia, divine, those are gay icons - but even ian roberts has fallen off that wagon... hmmm, sounds as gay as jason donovan to me

danny corvini

danny corvini said on the 24th Mar, 2007

Damnit Tim, I've just explained to my dad that he's gay! I hate to back-track.


meezon04 said on the 24th Mar, 2007

Obviously he's still got a few marketing strategies working for him...


andyw said on the 25th Mar, 2007

He's not gay, he's bisexual.


FCER said on the 25th Mar, 2007

he also mentions his "long-term, long-distance relationship" but I think thats the same as a pen-pal


mitchjet said on the 26th Mar, 2007

i don't need thorpie to admit that he's gay, but i do need to him to admit that he's ugly...


genkij said on the 26th Mar, 2007

Geeez Darl .... why so adament ?? Hmm ??

Christian Taylor

Christian Taylor said on the 26th Mar, 2007

hmmm... i am not sure what to say about this. i hope for his sake that he's not gay, cos he's certainly backed himself into a corner with these proclaimations. i remember seeing an interview with him years ago and they asked him...

Christian Taylor

Christian Taylor said on the 26th Mar, 2007

...if he had any girlfriends etc. and he just looked SO UNCOMFORTABLE and i remember thinking, 'either he's gay or he's got something to hide in that department.' it was a familiar awkwardness... oh well.

danny corvini

danny corvini said on the 26th Mar, 2007

He's being a bit of a technicality lawyer. The question are you gay is not the right question - Are you bisexual would have him squirming in his seat..


jasn_REMOVED said on the 26th Mar, 2007

*rolls eyes* This is just like the Callea thread. SameSame seems to exist to judge people and decide on their sexuality on their behalf. If he says he isn't gay we should respect that.


daleboyben said on the 27th Mar, 2007

A week before I came out to my family my uncle informed my parents that I wasn't gay, just like that Ian Thorpe wasn't gay. We were both just educated. HAHAHA!


GenesisInVain said on the 27th Mar, 2007

the bastard tried to pick up a friend of mine at a party we went to. pfft 'i'm not gay'


xarmyguy said on the 28th Mar, 2007

if he is not gay i must be ???


rion said on the 28th Mar, 2007

A mate of mine who's a camera man and did work on BB05 and the Sydney Olympics has a different view. He told me way back when the Sydney Olympics finished that when filming the closing ceromony, IT was tongue pashing Masimilano whats his name.


jasn_REMOVED said on the 31st Mar, 2007 Makes me question why he retired exactly.


Thatguy said on the 19th Jun, 2007

Why do we want him to be gay? He is successful without having to go on some reality TV show, he is a creative, sensitive man. He would be the ideal role model for a young guy or girl who is same sex attracted. I am sad about the gay he could have bee

pal mal

pal mal said on the 28th Jan, 2009

i saw him while i was in a restaurant in new york. he was enjoying an intimate dinner with a guy he is sooo gay


adamlove said on the 21st Mar, 2012

Oh F.F.S. I think it's time we leave him alone.


NATEE said on the 21st Mar, 2012

Who cares what he is. We waste so much energy caring if they are str8, bi, gay and so on. lol


nick67 said on the 18th Jul, 2012

They have sites dedicated to this question: